Popular Reasons To Move To Switzerland

By : Nick Marr

Switzerland remains a top relocation destination for many individuals across the world. The country receives millions of applications from foreigners annually, which clearly demonstrates its popularity especially amongst expats.

What Makes Switzerland Such A Popular Relocation Destination?

Switzerland continues to grow in popularity as the go-to destination for individuals who want to relocate to a different country. The reasons for this include:

A. Employment Opportunities

In most instances, individuals move from one country to another in search of better job opportunities. They are looking for higher wages, better job prospects, and more exciting career opportunities. Switzerland is highly attractive to individuals who are looking for professional development, more lucrative job roles, as well as job security. Switzerland has one of the highest wage rates in the European Union. It is not surprising to find that one can be paid double or even triple in Switzerland of what others get for a similar role in another European country. This is especially the case for the insurance, banking, and finance industries.

B. Health care system

The health care system in Switzerland is also a major reason for the ballooning number of people who want to relocate to this country. The country’s health care system is one of the best in the world, with very few incidences of mismanagement.

In addition, the life expectancy here is very high with the average life expectancy for men being 79 years, and that of women being 84 years. This is clear proof of a quality national healthcare system.

It is imperative to note that as a foreigner beginning your residency in Switzerland, you are required to take out health insurance within the first three months of your residency. With this insurance, you are guaranteed of excellent health care, shorter waiting times at the hospital, and overall quality health services.

C. High quality Education

If you want to receive world class education, then Switzerland should be at the top of your list for potential destinations. Switzerland is a renowned destination for quality, holistic education, and you can study virtually anything in this country. There is a multitude of accredited universities across the country, as well as a number of tertiary education facilities.

If you are planning to relocate with your family the better because you can be assured that your children will be receiving quality education that will be respected throughout the world. This education can prove instrumental in every country they will go to and work in.

D. Environment

The Swiss environment is serene, calm, and peaceful with beautiful mountain ranges, and magnificent lakes. The air is clean, and their numerous government and private initiatives aimed at protecting the rich environment for future generations. Domestic tourism is highly encouraged, and as a resident, you can be visiting tourist attractions often, catching a glimpse of the beauty that Switzerland has to offer.

The temperatures differ within the various regions of the country. The northern side of the country is generally cooler than the south. You can select to reside in an area where the temperature is just right for you. However, even in the cold months there is affordable heating, which means that the cold temperatures should not restrict you from moving to the colder areas of the nation. Keep in mind that July and August are usually the hottest months and can reach temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius, while the coldest months are usually January and February.

The mountainous regions of Switzerland are quite popular amongst creatives who need to be in touch with nature in order to create truly amazing work.

The above are just some of the reasons an individual would want to relocate to Switzerland. Cosmos value real estate can help you with your relocation to Switzerland. The company is well versed in handling relocation processes for foreigners who wish to relocate to the country. You can also receive assistance in registering work and resident permits.