Property Management Companies: An Extra Set of Eyes For Your Overseas Home

By : Nick Marr

For many, buying a second (or third home) is a dream, especially when that home is in another country. Being able to travel and have a home away from home all over the world is a luxury that many people strive for. But having multiple properties across the globe does have its challenges. You cannot possibly keep a diligent eye on your home while you’re thousands of miles away, and if you’re renting it out to guests while you’re not there, communicating with them and addressing issues can be close to impossible. This is why many homeowners hire a property management company to oversee their property while they are away. For many homeowners, it is a smart investment to hire someone to take care of your home, and your guests, while you are away so you can have peace of mind when you’re not there.

Hiring a local property management company means that there will be eyes and ears on your particular property much more often than you can be there. There will be someone to drive by the property randomly, to check that everything is in working order, and can fix issues as they come up. Having a team looking after your house prevents major issues from going unnoticed, such as a broken pipe or structural damage. The property manager can let you know right away when something needs to be addressed at your home, instead of you showing up to a flooded living room or other major disaster.

If you choose to rent your international property out to guests, a property management team can handle all of the paperwork, contracts, check in and check out procedures, cleans, maintenance and guest satisfaction. advise that ‘If guests are locked out in the middle of the night, you will need a locksmith on call otherwise how will you be able to help them from across the sea?’ If a fire alarm is going off, the AC isn’t working, or they’re lost and can’t find the home, a property management team with a professional locksmith on their team can help the guest in a quick and efficient way.

Another way property management companies can benefit your international property is by helping you book your home (if you decide to rent it out while you’re away.) They can manage a lot of the advertising and communication with guests, and can be more active in the booking process than you may be able to.

If you aren’t planning on renting out your home, a property management company is still a smart idea. Whether you have luxury property in Miami ( ) or a charming mountain cottage, having someone around to keep an eye on your special property can help you get a little more sleep at night.