Renting a Property in Italy? Look Out for These

By : Nick Marr

When planning their vacation abroad to, say, the lovely Mediterranean city of Puglia, a lot of people consider relaxing in an exclusive resort. It offers that combination of traditional Italian style and a 5-star luxury hotel experience to satisfy their every vacation whim.

For many, the resort at the Egnazia is just perfect for their short vacation stay, while other people hoping to stay longer might seek something more permanent. If you just got a job in Italy or admission into a university, you might want to consider renting a property via a website.

The advantage of renting a property online is that you can choose from not just a city in Italy, but from a particular area in that city. As a general rule, the best places to rent in Italy are the areas immediately surrounding the city centre. Although, the cost of rent is likely to be higher than the outskirts and other isolated areas.

If you have children and intend to send them to school, then the city centre is most suitable. This is because schools in the city are better run than those in the suburbs. However, there are some good schools in the city outskirts- feel free to inquire from an experienced guide for more information.

  • Rental Price

When searching for property online, you may find that you have two price options: minimum and maximum. Avoid setting these at very low prices, or you may not find any results in areas such as Venice. To search, leave the minimum at its default price and set a maximum price instead.

If you have a more flexible budget and are looking for something upmarket, you could set the minimum price to €300 lower than your budget and set the maximum price at your budget. By doing this, the search will provide you with more favourable options to choose from.

  • Details of Publication

It is also important to check important details of the advertisement. This includes;

  • Minimum number of rooms available, this is important for those traveling with family
  • Minimum and maximum area (in square meters)
  • Private or agency listed (This should let you know if you would be paying any extra agency fees)
  • Date of advertisement: how recent or dated is the publication?
  • Selecting a Property

If you have been presented with a list of options that are suitable for you budget, it is a no-brainer that you should select from the ones with sufficient photos. Make sure you tick the “fotografie” option if applicable. Clearly defined images will help you decide easily which properties are worth further consideration.

If you want a furnished apartment, then select the “arredato” option (if applicable; this isn’t necessary if its already in English). Furnishing selections can vary from basic to complete.

It can get really hot during summer in Italy, so you may want to select a property that comes with air conditioning. Also look out for a parking space or garage if you are going to be driving.

To recap:

  • Type of Property
  • Location- town, city, or the area in the town you wish to rent
  • Date of ad publication
  • Setting the minimum and maximum price ranges

When you get all these into the search parameters, click the button and you will be presented with an array of apartments, houses, and condos. you would like to rent. It may not be as lush at Pine Cliffs but you will find something splendid.