Repairing your Aluminium Windows

By : europeanproperty

Aluminium windows do an excellent job, but like all windows, there may be cases in which glass breaks or cracks. This ultimately leads to a glass change. Although you can do this via a windows aluminium company, it’s surprisingly easy to do it yourself. Just a little hard work to re-set the window to look like a new one, regardless of whether it is a sliding or stationary window. No special skills are required and you don’t need any special tools you don’t already have at home.

Remove the Old Window

If you need to replace the glass in the sliding part of the aluminium window, the task is extremely easy. In most cases, just raise the bottom of the window, turn it toward you, and remove the window. In other cases, there may be a roller at the top and you must first remove the screw that secures it. For a fixed window, remove the slider first, then unscrew the centre rod holding the aluminium window. Now using a hammer, gently knock the window out of the channel and remove it.

Take Out the Glass

Put on protective gloves before removing the glass. Find the screw in the lower-left corner of the frame and unscrew it. Repeat the process in the opposite corner (upper right corner). The frame now consists of two halves. Using a hammer, gently tap half the frame away from the glass. Set the frame aside and repeat on the other half until the glass with the rubber seal is free. Remove the gasket and clean it thoroughly. Slide it aside to install a new frame.

Choose a new Glass

You need a new piece of glass the same size as the old one. An important factor here, however, is whether you need single or double thickness glass because one is thicker than the other and the wrong size will not fit the frame. Single-strength glass is 3/32 inch thick, and double-thick glass 1/8 inch thick. The difference may seem small, but it is very important when it comes to customization. If you’re not sure, bring a piece of old glass to your glass shop and get advice.

Assemble new Glass

Place the glass on a table with one long side and one short protruding side. Place the rubber seal firmly on these sides. Take half the frame with the gasket, put it on the glass and tap the corner with a hammer. If it’s safe, touch the long and short sides. Now move the glass so that the other two sides protrude beyond the table and repeat the process until the frame is firmly seated on the glass. Place the screw back in the corners and hang the window again. Insert the stationary aluminium window back into the channel, reinsert the middle bar and secure it before adjusting the sliding window. Broken glass can be replaced with ordinary glass or the unbreakable plastic glass, usually acrylic. Wear a pair of gloves and glasses before replacing broken glass. Broken glass can easily fall off and fly. Glass, both in metal and wooden frames, usually holds in place with a mechanical fastener. Then glaze to prevent rain from getting in.

The following steps are recommended to replace broken window glass:

  • Carefully remove all the glass elements while cleaning the area around the window to avoid injury and cuts.
  • Use pliers to grasp the pieces of glass that are still in the window.
  • Remove the old putty with a chisel or folding knife. Be careful not to damage the wooden frame. Walking around the frame, you will find glazing (small steel triangles) in wooden frames or spring clips in metal window frames.
  • Save points or clips. Make sure that all old putty has been removed so that the jar snaps into place. Use sandpaper or rasp to remove any putty that remains on the wooden or metal wing.
  • Paint the frame with an oil-based wood preservative or oil-based primer. This seals the wooden surface under the putty and prevents rusting of the metal frame. The quick-drying undercoat is the fastest.
  • Measure the glass size with a meter or folding ruler. A steel rule can hang and lead to dimensional errors. Leave a distance of 1/8 “on every side by reducing each dimension by 1/4”.
  • Purchase glass cut to the right size. Place a thin layer of enamel in the groove of the frame so that the glass rests on it. Keep the thickness of this glazing compound fairly evenly so that it does not tear when you press the glass into the compound.
  • Install the glass, press it against the glazing mass and insert the glass dots (small metal triangles) that you removed.