Securing Your Home This Summer

By : Nick Marr

The thought of having our homes broken into or being burgled is one that, wherever and however a person lives, is deeply traumatising. Hence, securing your home against being robbed is paramount, not just to protect any valuables you may have, but to protect your own well being and that of your family.

As professionals who have seen almost every attempted method of entry into homes, MPL Locksmith Training offer their 5 top tips for securing your home this summer.

#1 Have Modern Locks Fitted, Check Them and Use Them

According to UK police, ‘homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures’. The most simple and secure security measure every home operates is locks. Secure locks should be fitted, not just on doors but as well on all windows and entry points to any home or annex, including all outside gates. Regularly check the locks affixed to the doors and windows in your own home, and lock up whenever you leave your property – even if you are simply busy in your garden. Remember too to always lock UPVC doors by both lifting the handle and turning the key.

#2 Hide Your Keys

Never leave any keys within sight or reach. Find a safe place well within your home and get into the habit of placing your keys there. Burglars do not just ‘jimmy’ locks open or ‘force entry’; many burglars ‘lift’ keys using homemade tools that are posted through unsecured letter boxes in order to hook and steal keys from hallway tables and key racks situated close by.

#3 Secure Items Stored within Sheds

Secure removable items, such as bikes and gardening equipment – even when it kept within a shed or outhouse building. Sheds are one of the most easily burgled constructions out there. Because of the materials used to construct sheds, it can prove almost impossible to secure them safely against intruders. Hence, use a strong chain or lock to secure valuable items kept in your shed, and never leave pliers or tools which could be used to cut those chains nearby. A good idea is to keep all of your tools such as pliers and cutters in a metal toolbox affixed with a strong padlock.

#4 Look After Your Property

Never leave ladders outside or leaned against your property. Burglars may use your own ladders to gain entry into your home. Always cut back any hedges or shrubbery surrounding your property so not to provide potential burglars with anywhere to hide while they try to gain access to your house. And, finally, if you are fortunate enough to have neighbours you can trust – trust them; alert them if you are going away or will be out for more than a few hours so that they know to be on the alert for any unusual activity.

#5 Register Your Valuables for Free

Bikes, Computers and computer equipment, TVs and even smaller items such as mobile phones, cameras and Sat Navs can all be registered via Immobilise, The UK National Property Register. Designed by the UK Police Force and currently the world’s largest free property register in existence, Immobilise enables individuals to register valuable items and assets they posses along with ownership details.

Immobilise is used thousands of times a day by UK Police Forces who are trying to track down owners of stolen property. Immobilise is proving so success that every week hundreds of registered items are returned to their rightful owners and much of the information collected via Immobilise assists Police in solving and stamping out criminal activity involving stolen goods across the UK.

Lastly, stay alert. In March of 2015 alone 35,495 homes were burgled, according to the UK Crime Statistics website. Hence, always remember that if you are not watching your home, someone else may well be.