Shower Screens or Shower Curtains Which One Sells a Home?

By : Nick Marr

It’s a buyers market and every aspect of a home being offered for sale needs to be tip top for today’s discerning buyer. Buyers today are less likely to have the funds or the will to make big changes to a home after moving in, anything that requires urgent immediate expenditure will hinder a house sale. There is no doubt that buyers these days are just about affording to move in. A home that offers savings and styling that’s is to their taste will win the competition to sell faster.

Kitchens were always the No.1 place of influence for most buyers and yes it’s still an important room. But today the bathroom is becoming equally important. Bathrooms that appear stylish professionally designed and installed are a top selling points.

Then comes the new debate the first world problem, are bathroom shower curtains ever chic? Do shower screens beat a shower curtain hands down?

The case for shower curtains

It’s a fact that however curtains can instantly inject a blast of colour, print and personality with the minimum of fuss, expense and outlay. And even better, when you’re tired of the look, the curtain can be replaced with an altogether different style. However some make a bathroom look temporary and designed almost like an after thought. Dirty shower curtains with grime all serve to make a buyer feel that a bathroom is dirty. Some shower curtains serve to block out the light and therefore can help to make a small space even smaller.

With a shower curtain, it can be washed every month or so in the washing machine and it has no fixed parts that can trap moisture.

The case for shower screens

A well-planned bathroom with a gleaming shower screen can be chic, they can look almost as invisible reflecting the light. A glass shower screen will offer greater protection from water leaks and look better than a simple shower curtain. Folding bath screens offer an ideal showering solution for smaller bathrooms. Their concertina shape means they can be tidily tucked away for added convenience when not in use. Choose from our range of folding bath shower screens for an easy to install, space-saving bathroom solution. You can see more examples at Rockingham Glass click here

Top tip for shower screens

A superb trick to getting your bathroom shining is to mix some white vinegar with cold water – equal parts should be fine. Using a cloth, wipe this solution all across your shower screen before buffing with a clean, dry cloth. The vinegar will bring out the shine of the screen – this also works excellently when you’ve finished cleaning your windows, too.