Six Tips and Tricks Every Landlord Should Live By

By : europeanproperty

People who think that being a landlord is one of the easiest jobs out there are extremely mistaken. As a landlord, you have a set of important responsibilities to tend to and you never really have a day off.

You must care for the safety of your tenants and for the safety of your property, both of which can be jeopardized at any moment of the day. To make things all a bit easier, here are six tips and tricks that every landlord should live by.

Screen Your Tenants Before Accepting

Nowadays you can easily screen potential tenants before you agree to any sort of rental contract. The perfect tenant will treat your home with respect and pay their rent in a timely fashion. An easy way to get some more information about tenants is by asking them to fill out a rental application.

Ask For a Background Check

You never appreciate the importance of a great tenant until you have an experience with a bad one. The best way to avoid a bad tenant is by asking for a background and credit check. Stay clear from people with serious criminal charges, significant debt, and a history of eviction.

Always Have a Handyman on Call

Having the right team around you to help can seriously reduce stress levels. There are some home repair issues that only a professional can handle. A lot of these issues, like plumbing or ventilation problems, are urgent and need instant attention. Having someone to hand like Manchester plumbers Lacey Plumbing can help solve issues quickly and efficiently.

Let Your Tenants Know You’re Coming

Letting your tenants know that you are coming to visit the property isn’t just a courtesy, it’s also a way to avoid any unnecessary drama or awkwardness. They should respect your property, but you also need to respect that they are in their right to live there. Give them at least a 24-hour notice that you will be visiting the property.

Keep a Record of All Conversations

You never know when things could take a turn for the worse, so it’s worth keeping a written or digital record of all your conversations. Keeping this in digital form is much easier to store and organize.

Try to Hold onto The Good Tenants

The screening process and background checks take time, effort, and money. So, it’s worth trying to hold onto great tenants once you’ve found them. Ask them whether they have plans to find a new place and whether they would be happy renewing their agreement at 90 days before it expires.

The longer you are a landlord, the easier it will be to settle any issues. The first few years can be rather overwhelming, especially if you are juggling multiple properties at the time. Make sure to abide by all government regulations to avoid any repercussions and treat your tenants with the same care that you expect them to treat your property.