Tips and Tricks to Design a Small Kitchen

By : europeanproperty

Having a big and spacious kitchen is almost every home owner’s dream. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to deal with the fact that it’s simply not possible. But a small kitchen is not the end of the world, and there are many ways to turn it into a charming yet organized space.


What’s more, many people who have tiny kitchens genuinely think that they’re more efficient than bigger ones. Why? Because they’re far more comfortable to organize, less expensive to maintain and force you to maximize your space, which makes them more practical.


But to make it that way, you need to know how to design it properly. You’ll find some great small kitchen ideas you can implement when designing one in the article below.


Choose the Right Lighting and Colors


Picking the right lighting is crucial if you want to make your kitchen look more spacious. First of all, use multiple sources of light. For example, you can use led batten lights as your primary source and task, or under-cabinet lighting to create more space.


But efficient lighting is not enough. You also need to use the right colors. If you want to make your kitchen look more spacious, you should consider painting it light. It’s also a good idea to add a colorful rug to give it a more cohesive look.


Consider Open Shelving


Despite looking fantastic, your kitchen cabinets can take a lot of room you can use more effectively. If you want to maximize your storage space and earn some extra area, you should consider implementing open shelving.


Not only will it give you more room, but it will also make your kitchen look more minimalistic and stylish. What’s more, it will force you to maximize your storage space, making the whole room much more practical.


Organize Your Cabinets


If your kitchen is small, you need to use your space as best as you can. And while using shelves instead of cabinets is one way to do it, it’s not always possible. If you don’t want to get rid of your cabinets, you can install a pull-out pantry drawer to maximize the ways to store your supplies.


You can also consider installing a slide-out prep station, knife organizer, organizing bins, and other genius cabinet organizers.


Make Your Kitchen Island Multifunctional


Having a tiny kitchen doesn’t mean you have to abandon your dreams of having a kitchen island. On the contrary, you can use one to maximize your room’s efficiency. How? By making it multifunctional.


Your kitchen peninsula can work effectively as a place where you can keep your equipment. Also, it can be your additional workspace and or eating table. Making it multifunctional means you’ll save some space on cabinets, countertops, or other storage spaces.


Hang Your Equipment


If you want to make the most of your small kitchen’s storage space, you should consider hanging some of your equipment. You can use a cabinet or shelf rags to hang cups and pots. It’s also a good idea to install a knife holder on the wall.


Hanging some of your kitchen gear means more space in your cabinets, shelves, and drawers. It’s also more practical since it enables you to reach for your equipment without too much searching.


Consider Getting a Bar Cart


But what if you don’t have enough room for a kitchen peninsula? If that’s the case, you should consider getting yourself a bar cart. It gives you more storage, work, and counter space, which means it works exactly as your island would.


However, its most significant advantage is that you can hide it from the way when you’re not using it. It gives you the freedom to adjust your kitchen to your needs, without sacrificing too much of the room.


The Bottom Line


Some people who have small kitchens wish that they were bigger. What they don’t realize is how blessed they are. Why? Because a tiny kitchen can have as much, if not more, advantages than the enormous one, you always see in the movies.


A smaller kitchen is far more practical, more comfortable to clean up, and when you arrange it correctly, it can look gorgeous. And when it comes to small kitchen design, you have an abundance of possibilities. The six examples given above are just a few common ideas that you can implement to your room.


Keep in mind that it’s your kitchen, and you can do with it whatever you want. The tips given in the article may come in handy when you design it, but it’s all up to you. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s small or big. It’s yours.