Tips For A Successful Move

By : Nick Marr

If you’re planning an interstate move, part of your preparation should involve arming yourself with the right information so that you know your rights and responsibilities, and those of your freight shipping company too. Moving is bound to give you the nerves, but if you prepare well you will have an easier time relocating to your new address. So what exactly should you know before your big move?

First of all, you should only use a registered freight shipping company for your move. Before selecting a freight shipping company, ensure they have a USDOT number and have been approved by FMCSA to engage in interstate transportation of household goods. Together with this, your freight shipping company should have adequate insurance, which offers the coverage you need should things go wrong.

Before you move your household goods, you should ask your freight shipping company to give you a copy of a brochure titled Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move. This brochure offers you information on what documents your freight shipping company will require you to sign, and what your rights are in the event that your household goods get damaged during transportation.

Before making the big move, there are certain documents that your freight shipping company is obliged to supply you with. These include the estimates, order for service, bill of lading and inventory list. The estimate contains all the charges attached to the move, put in writing. This document must be signed by the freight shipping company. Do not agree to oral estimates. The order for service is a list of all services offered, including the dates when your household goods will be picked and delivered.

The bill of lading is a contract between you and the freight shipping company and a receipt for your belongings. Usually, the freight shipping company gives the client a partially completed bill of lading before leaving the original residence. An inventory list is a receipt containing all the items that you are moving, and the condition of each. Ask for an inventory list after your freight shipping company has finished loading your goods, and be sure to confirm whether the condition of the items listed is actually accurate.

Before you move your goods, it is important to familiarize yourself with the freight shipping company’s dispute settlement program as this enables you to know how to settle any arising disputes. And in the event that some of your goods get lost or damaged during the move, the next step is to get a company claim form from the freight shipping company. Any claims must be filed within 9 months of delivery.

As for what the freight shipping company will charge you, any charges put forward to you by the freight shipping company must be contained in a published tariff.  It is easy to get a freight quote online so you can start researching freight shipping companies and comparing the various options available.