Tips on Hiring A Contractor to Build Your Home

By : Nick Marr

Hiring a contractor to build your home is a great idea. They can help to make it look amazing and exactly how you picture it looking. You have probably heard of bad experiences people have had with hiring a contractor. Unfortunately, there are some not so good contractors out there that can ruin it for the rest of them. Rest assured that most have your best interests in mind. How do you find those good contractors though? You need to do a little bit of research first. That is why the Montreal concrete contractor came up with tips on hiring a contractor to build your home. After reading it, you will feel so much better about who to pick. Keep reading to learn what these tips are.

The first step is to get recommendations from others. If you don’t know anyone that has had their house built lately you can always go for a walk around the neighborhood. Is anyone out there in the process of building their house? Do you see any houses that were recently finished. Most people don’t have a problem sharing information and passing along their contractors information if they did a great job and they are happy with the experience. Try and find recommendations from others. If your friends or family have not built a house recently, one may know someone that has. Reach out and ask and you will probably get a couple people that can pass along some names (or names to stay away from!)

You can always search online too. There are many sites out there that have past experiences reviewed. These are great sources to look at. Sites like social media, Yelp and Google have many people that let others know if they liked their contractor or did not like their contractor. Look for situations similar to yours in the review to help you understand what your experience may be like. Perhaps most people had an overall great experience but there was a few things they with they could change. This is something to keep an eye out for when chatting with that contractor, maybe you can bring that issue up with them and let them know how they can solve it so you do not have the same issue.

Once you decide on a contractor it’s important to get it all in writing. It doesn’t have to be a long 50-page document, but it does need to go over everything you discussed and what will be done for what cost. This will not only protect you from a contractor that may cut corners a bit, but it will also help the contractor know you are serious and exactly what you are looking for. It keeps everyone honest. Without any paperwork in place suddenly one person may be saying “no, you said this”. If you have a contract to go back to it is clearly laid out if that needs to be done or not.

Communication is always key no matter what you are doing. It’s important to always be upfront with the contractor what your budget is. This will ensure you never feel uncomfortable and also the contractor can then make suggestions which will stay inside your budget. You can also let the contractor know if you are able to help assist in any way so that that cuts down on costs which can be spent elsewhere. Be honest and upfront with the potential contractor at all times.

One tip we are have about hiring a contractor to build your home is to ensure the contractor knows where your specific property lines end. This will help them with the quote to ensure they know exactly where they will be building (and not building). While on the subject of neighbors and finding out where your property ends, it’s always a good idea to give your neighbors (or future neighbors) a heads up that you will be building a home for the next while and there may be some additional noise. Just the fact that you were considerate enough to let them know will prevent them from being annoyed at anything or from starting on the wrong foot with each of them.

Our last piece of advice is to always keep price into consideration, but don’t let it cloud your judgement at all. Most times you get what you pay for. If a business is giving you a very cheap quote that firstly may not be a good thing, they may be cutting corners that are important for your home to last for years and years, also, they may not be including some hidden costs if the quote comes in that low. That means that once all the little items are paid for it would end up being the same cost as a company you saw as more expensive but better quality. Add up all the costs associated with the project. A company that has a huge quote may also not be the very best. They may have a higher overhead or are simply trying to make you think they are better quality. Consider price, but don’t make your final decision on it.

Do you feel more comfortable hiring a contractor to build your home now? The process can be so exciting. Keep the outcome as your main focus throughout any chaos that may happen. It will be so worth it in the end! For more tips on hiring a contractor to build you your dream home, contact us today!

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