Tools to help manage your real estate business

By : europeanproperty

Real estate is one industry that looks unlikely to be replaced by robots anytime soon, however, that doesn’t mean that technology can’t play its part in the running of a real estate business. In fact, if you are still doing things in the same way that they have been done for dozens of years, you are really missing out on some fantastic tools that will help your business thrive.


One way to hugely save time on a tedious but important task is to easily create invoices using Without an invoice, you won’t be getting paid for your work, but it can be time-consuming to create an invoice each time, send it to the right department and chase as needed. By using a tool like Freshbooks, you can create a professional-looking invoice from an easy to use template in minutes. The sooner you can send your invoice, the sooner you are likely to be paid.


It’s not always possible, or cost-effective, to hire a designer to create graphics and adverts for us, so the more you can do in-house, the better. This is where Canva is perfect! It’s a really simple online program that helps you to create eye-catching designs, with no prior experience or training necessary. There are plenty of real estate templates from flyers and brochures, to social media posts of all sizes and styles. It’s just a case of dragging and dropping things into the right place and inputting the information you need.

Social media management

One of the best (and cheapest) ways to advertise any business is on social media, and real estate is no different. That said, if you are manually going in and adding posts each time, you are making things a whole lot harder for yourself! Invest in something like Buffer or Hootsuite and set aside an hour or two every week to queue up all your posts for the next seven days, ready for them to post out automatically. You don’t even have to switch between the apps, you can do it all from one interface and ensure that you are being seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

Task management

Trello is a fantastic way to organise your current listings into boards to track where each one is at. For example, with one click you can see which listings are active, which are waiting on photos etc. You can add tasks and allocate them to other members of your team, or write yourself notes to see what needs doing for each listing.

It can sometimes feel a little daunting to invest in new pieces of tech to do a job that you’re used to doing yourself, but as you will see, after the initial set up time, you will be making your life a whole lot easier and saving yourself valuable time that can be spent doing things that only you can do, such as showing people around your listings.