Top 10 reasons to buy property in Portugal

By : Nick Marr

Buying a property in Portugal is now a more affordable option than many areas of Europe and with lower house prices, stunning scenery and weather there seems to more and more reason to consider buying a home of your own in Portugal

1. Sunshine

Sunshine simply has to come first. The Algarve is reputed to enjoy 300 days of sunshine each year, making it the ideal location for a second home or a fulltime residence. Opt for an apartment withan impressivepool to make the most of the lovely climate.

2. Ease of access

The Algarve is less than three hours by plane from most UK airports. On a bad day, it can take longer than that to get around the M25. Opt for a peaceful countrysidevilla withpool to ensure that traffic jams are just a distant memory.

3. Low prices for high quality

A glut of properties and a tumble in prices over recent years (which now seems to have bottomed out) has meant that even for low prices, high quality properties are available across the Algarve. Modern, one bedroom apartments cost from as little as €72,000 in the eastern Algarve.

4. High rental returns

According to Ideal Homes Portugal, expected gross rental yields in Portugal are among the highest in Europe, with 14% achievable from the right property. Bed and breakfast and hostel accommodation

properties offer some excellent deals, such as this 23 room hostel for €635k in the quaint central Algarve town of Alcantarilha.

5. Impressive tax breaks

The Non-habitual Resident tax scheme in Portugal can enable those moving there from overseas to essentially live tax-free for 10 years if they meet the legislation’s criteria. Why not push the boat out and spend the extra cash on a particularly majestic villa with pool, tennis court and Jacuzzi?

6. Beautiful beaches

The Algarve is known across the world for its stunning coastline, with crumbling formations of red and yellow rock standing like proud sentinels in the sea, or lining the backs of beaches with dramatic cliffs. Sea caves offer the perfect places for exploration by boat or with a snorkel, while hot, soft sand invites those of a less active nature to while away the hours soaking up the sun. Opt for an apartment within walking distance of the beach to enjoy the coast to the max.

7. Fabulous local cuisine

From freshly caught razor clams cooked simply with rice, wine and coriander, to huge bowls of intensely rich, acorn-fed wild boar stew, to unforgettably sticky carob cake, the Portuguese diet showcases how much can be achieved with so little when it comes to ingredients. Based on a history of hearty peasant food, the country’s cuisine squeezes every iota of flavour out of each ingredient to produce a unique gastronomic experience. Buying a traditional Algarvian farmhouse with land is the perfect way to create your own farm to table experience in the sunshine.

8. Award-winning golf courses

Golf is a great way to burn off all those extra calories piled on while feasting on Portuguese stews and cakes, and the Algarve boasts dozens of beautifully tended courses, many of which have won awards and/or hosted important championship tournaments. Opt for a luxury golf villa within easy reach of the world famous Quinta do Lago golf complex in order to enjoy the Algarve’s best courses.

9. Low cost of living

From dining out to deep sea fishing experiences, the low cost of living in Portugal means that living and playing in the Algarve can be an extremely wallet friendly. Good wine costs around €2 per bottle. An icy cold beer costs €1. Enough said! All that money saved on usual daily expenses can be channelled into a lovely family property instead, such as this fabulous five bedroom house with pool and pretty garden.

10. A safe place to buy

A far cry from the shocking tales heard from neighbouring Spain, Portugal is known for being a safe place to buy property, provided of course that the purchase is made through a reputable estate agency, such as Ideal Homes Portugal. Opt for a spacious and thoughtfully designed new home (with pool, naturally) that you can really make your mark on.