Top 5 Home Design Trends In 2022

By : europeanproperty

Are you planning to give your home a fresh new look? Well, this year might be the perfect time to start working on it. From the past few years, home designs have evolved rapidly. Creative innovations allow people to see something new every day, and you can quickly bring those ideas to your home.

The home design trends of 2022 are sure to inspire and amaze. From sleek, modern designs to more classic looks, there’s something for everyone in the coming trends. Various home designers, such as Boutique Home Plans, offer customized plans to help transform your vision into reality.

To help you narrow down your choices, here are the top five home design trends to look out for and explore this year.

  • Tropical Flair

This year, you can opt for a tropical feel in your home. This theme is perfect for homes in warm climates, but you can also use it in places where you want to bring a sunny flair.

A tropical design has a vibrant theme using bold colors and fresh patterns. Moreso, you can use coastal features like island prints, palm leaves, or rich flower arrangements in any room of your home. You can also place some rattan furniture with calming hues to create an instant light feeling as if you’re on a tropical vacation.

If you want, you can add an exotic flair to your home by adding decorative elements like hand-carved lamps or richly-textured furniture. Such elements can help promote a relaxed atmosphere in your living spaces or alfresco

  • Geometric Designs

Geometry is an art form that never goes out of style. It can add a touch of refinement to any room with its simple yet elegant style. It also promotes creativity and adds a modern flair to your home.

You can start by choosing geometric shapes and patterns such as abstract paintings, wall art, or even flooring. Angular furniture or black and white designs in your living room can also be a great choice. You can also apply unique geometric patterns to carpets, curtains, and pillow covers.

Geometric designs are versatile, and they are known to complement any color scheme or design style. From simple patterns to complex ones, there are many options available you can choose from. They perfectly blend with any décor, and in some cases, they make a good focal point for your living spaces.

  1. Ornate Chandeliers And Lighting Fixtures

If you’re into glamour-chic decor, then ornate chandeliers are for you. They can certainly add a touch of elegance and luxury to any room. They come in different styles and sizes, and usually, you can find ones that have dimming properties that can introduce a warmer vibe to your space.

Other than chandeliers, you can add a little sparkle to your home with sparkling faucets, fireplaces, or mirrors. You can also add pendant lighting in your bedroom with dimmer switches to give a beautiful effect. Such designs are the perfect way to add class and sophistication to any home, even if it’s small.

  1. Earthy Textures

If you’re thinking about introducing textures into your living spaces, consider adding design elements such as clay, bricks, and natural stone. Not only can these earthy textures bring a calming effect to your home, but these design elements can also create an earthy appeal to your home. 

For instance, you can use tumbled stones for your entryway’s flooring. This design approach can soften the space and makes it look inviting. Inside your home, you can use stone veneers on walls or as fireplace facings to bring a natural element. Or a wooden table and chairs that look rustic but classic.

Moreover, natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and stone are widely used in home design today. They can either be used as accents on your home’s exterior or interior, or both. These materials can certainly give a natural look to your home.

  1. Craftsman Style

The Craftsman style has existed for many years and still holds much prominence in home design. You usually see this style in bungalows, cottages, and farmhouses. It consists of a simple design with clean lines and smooth surfaces inspired by the rural lifestyle.

This approach has a vintage feel, but you can make it stylish by adding accents to your home using design elements such as sleek furniture or lighting fixtures. Such designs are simple but can bring fancy to every room.

Moreover, the Craftsman style is a classic approach that can bring comfort and relaxation to any home. The traditional layout will never go out of style, and you can go back to it in the future if you want a simple yet refined home. With that said, this style gives much appreciation to detail and adds a serene look to any home.


Home decor and design styles are constantly evolving. It doesn’t matter if you want to stay up to date or go with tradition. There are always innovations every year; your options are endless. With a few simple changes, you can transform your home into a paradise or an elegant villa.