Top of the Line Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

By : europeanproperty

For many homeowners, the kitchen is pretty much a neglected room. It serves an important purpose, but most people do not give it much thought, choosing to stick to the same old designs and colors that have been around for decades! However, like any room in your house, your kitchen deserves some love. So, if you are willing to put some money and time into remodeling it, it can become a social hub for the whole family. Unless you have a keen eye for detail and colors, you may not know how to spruce it up. Don’t sweat it, though.

With the next few tips, your kitchen will go from boring to elegant!


Use Wallpaper

When the idea of kitchen remodeling is brought up, most people run to pick up a few tins of paint, thinking that this is the best way to breathe new life into their old kitchens. While a new coat of paint can indeed be effective, wallpaper can add a more lively touch to this room. The great thing about wallpaper is that it comes in different patterns and colors, so you will be better able to mix and match until you find the best combination. Although wallpaper can seem like a grease magnet, some varieties are specially made for damp areas like the kitchen, which makes them more effective at repelling dirt.

Add Storage

Making sure that you have enough storage is essential for keeping the kitchen looking airy and clutter-free. While adding storage solutions may not seem like an effective way of decorating this room, you’d be surprised by how much modern storage design ideas can reflect your personal style and add a unique touch to this otherwise dull space. For example, incorporating different wood colors can enhance the look of your kitchen. If you feel daring, you can also go for cabinets that come in funky colors like mint green and fuchsia.

Get a New Sink

The sink is perhaps the most visible part of the kitchen, and although upgrading it might seem like an unlikely way of elevating the look of the room, it can actually make a huge difference. When visiting your local Sink store, make sure to browse various models, and don’t stick to traditional stainless steel ones because they don’t add anything to the décor of your kitchen. Instead, you can buy a farmhouse sink if old-school designs are your cup of tea or a 33-inch fireclay farmhouse sinks. On the other hand, modern-looking sinks usually sport bold colors, such as red and black. So, you have plenty of options to choose from, depending on the vibe you are going for.

Try New Colors

We’ve already mentioned how adding patterns to your storage solutions, and walls can completely change the look of your kitchen. Well, the same applies to your tiles and backsplash. While there are many classic colors that will never go out of style like white, more homeowners are now leaning towards darker, more eccentric hues to express their personal style. When choosing the color of your tiles, you should pick warm tones (i.e., ivory, cream, and beige) since they will complement the other patterns and shades in your kitchen well. On the contrary, don’t be afraid to go against the flow when it comes to backsplash colors. Rich shades like emerald green are an extremely popular choice for most buyers, especially when coupled with dark floorings and lighter cabinets.

Improve Lighting

Lighting can either make or break your kitchen! Because not all kitchens get enough natural light, you need to compensate for this by adding extra lighting fixtures across yours. Most people settle for overhead lights only, but they may not be enough to keep your kitchen from looking dim. To solve this issue, you can add small lights to your cabinets and workstation to elevate the look of the room and make it seem brighter.

Keep It Spacious

When it comes to winning design ideas, simplicity is often the key. That said, you should keep your kitchen spacious and avoid cluttering it with too many appliances or decorative pieces. Interior designers recommend that you keep your kitchen walkways as wide as 48 inches to allow yourself to move freely around the room. To do so, you can move your kitchen island away from the stove and workstation or get smaller ones if the room is tiny.


The kitchen can become your family’s favorite hangout spot as long as you avoid treating it as an accessory room. By implementing our previous top-of-the-line design ideas, it will seem like a completely new space. Also, some of these tips are not costly, so you do not have to break the bank to make your kitchen look chic!