Top Real Estate apps for Home Buyers

By : Nick Marr

When a home buyer starts looking for the right property, the objective is only to get the best. For most of them, the property will be their homes for a lifetime and perhaps, the greatest investment. The current real estate market has become complex than any other moment in history. From predictions by market experts that at times leave a buyer more confused to dealing with agents, some people might not even know where to start. The main question at this point is how to get the best property and highest value for money? To make home buying easier, faster, and less complicated, the best way to do it is using real estate apps. Central Florida real estate agent Fred Franks, states “Most of all my buyers find me using a real estate app, since I have signed up with Zillow apps, I have seen an 120% increase in customers the past 12 months.”

In this post, we review the best real estate apps that home buyers should use to get the best property and high value for money.

Redfin Real Estate App

Redfin is the most used real estate mobile app because of its efficiency. It is available in more than 83 US property markets and gives listing updates after every 15 minutes. With the app, a home buyer can turn an exhausting activity into a fun and enthralling activity.

The app allows the user to configure the areas of interest and nature of the property being sought. Every time a property in the selected area or with the specific design is added to the list, you will get an instant notification within 15 minutes. When you use the app to search for houses around the area of choice, you can also save what you consider favorite to follow in future and schedule tours instantly.

Redfin mobile app shares industry knowledge by telling users the houses that are likely to sell faster. The real estate agents for various houses also give detailed comments based on actual experiences in every house. The designers, David Selinger, David Eraker and Michael Dougherty, have huge experience in the real estate industry and promise both users and agents greater improvements in future.


The Zillow real estate app is a great companion for people looking forward to getting new properties to call homes. The user can limit the search for homes of choice by address, neighborhood, using maps, and toggling different filters. Also, users can view videos of different properties, walk through, and schedule meeting with a Zillow agent with just click.

Zillow went a step ahead beyond simple listing to form a comprehensive toolkit with everything that a home buyer would require. It provides mortgage calculators and access to foreclosure lists. Besides, you can also check eligibility to get a pre-approved mortgage loan.

StreetEasy Real estate app

StreetEasy provides listings of houses-for-sale and for-rent listings in New York. The app is a Zillow subsidiary that focuses on smaller user groups. Accordingly, it can give more comprehensive and precise information about houses in all New York City boroughs. For example, you can search the database based on price, amenities, location, and individual buildings.

Unlike other mobile apps that only give the features and price, StreetEasy moves a step ahead to provide the history of each property. For example, you can tell the recent activity about the house in the market. This information is very useful because some aspects of the house history such as high turnover could indicate low-value property. To use this mobile app, you will require Android 4.0 and later version. mobile app sells the largest number of homes at any particular home compared to other platforms and companies. Their latest mobile application allows users to search for the houses of choice by address, zip code, city, or directly on a map. The search provides full results including high-resolution images and more information to assist you to make the right decision on what to buy.

The real estate app updates 90% of its property listing every 15 minutes while others are updated at least once every 24 hours. Notably, has a unique feature that is not present in other apps. It pairs with Google Chromecast to stream the content on your Television. This makes searching the home of choice more comfortable to squinting on the phone screen.

Trulia Mobile app

Trulia is one of the emerging top real estate apps that allow users access to millions of listing nationally. The makes it possible to look at updated listings of properties available for sale, high-resolution photos, and other info such as crime rates and ratings in comparison to others. The App simplifies the entire process to calculate the mortgage payments and establish whether one is eligible or not.

Whether you are a first time home buyer or more established in the industry, the apps provide additional options and flexibility that will assist you to make the right decision. Remember to check every app requirements to be sure they can run on your smartphone.