UpNest – Helping You to Navigate the Real Estate Market

By : europeanproperty

UpNest – Helping You to Navigate the Real Estate Market

Get your worries and fears of the real estate market out of the window with the newest real estate app in town. UpNest is a unique real estate app that allows you to do all the things you would physically do but digitally.

Named one of the fastest-growing real estate market place by Deloitte 2019 Technology Fast 500, UpNest has safely secure this position two times in a row including been named one of the fastest-growing private companies of 2019 with a revenue percentage growth of 166 percent to 37, 458 percent in three years and facilitating the sales and listing of homes in the United States to the tune of 4 billion US Dollars.

So what is UpNest?

How many times have you been scammed or cheated out of your hard-earned currency just because you are looking for an apartment or trying to sell yours? If you are tired of wasting time and money, it is time to belong to the UpNest family.

UpNest is a real estate platform that allows you to buy or sell the house by downloading the app on your mobile device.

It is that simple. Now you can live in the home of your dream, save money from jumping from realtor to realtor through thousands of listing vying for your attention from the comfort of your home.

How does it work?

  • Asides from downloading the app on your phone, the process is pretty easy
  • Sign up with the UpNest app
  • Enter what you want in a home, location [add additional details for a particular area]
  • Get connected with realtors and properties in that location
  • Receive a minimum of three to five commission quotes in 24 hours
  • Pick the agent of your choice and inquire more about them through an interview.

Why should you use UpNest?

Unlike your regular house hunting process, UpNest allows you to choose your agent and puts you in control of the whole house searching business until you find the one you want. To narrow down the search, the app delivers 3 to 5 proposals of agents in your area that will produce homes in your specification.

They don’t focus on the big names of the industry but rely on local on-ground realtors who know the regions better than any other person, so you get first-hand information and real-time data of the property in any chosen location.

No more hidden charges or overpay, see how much you owe, review prices, commission, refunds and save more with the options at your fingertips.

While UpNest is similar to most real estate app, their ability to protect your private information, respond swiftly to the needs of the client, deliver excellent results within the shortest time possible and give you full control of the market sets them apart from the crowd.

The Real estate market is not for the faint-hearted; the stress of house hunting is a back-breaking business, to avoid the stress of seeing hundred of properties before you find your dream home. Visit UpNest today and change the way you hunt for properties throughout the United States.