What Needs Updating When Moving Interstate?

By : Nick Marr

The decision to relocate, whether you are moving to a new home or are shifting offices, requires months of planning. The planning not only involves the packing, disposal and sale of items that you wish to take, donate or make some money out of, but also involves the task of updating your address for billing purposes.

Obviously, by this stage you have either decided whether you will be moving yourself, or have engaged a professional moving service like www.walkmove.com.au particularly if your moving longer distances such as interstate.

The first institution that springs to one’s mind is to communicate the change of address to your bank. Though it is by far the most important one that needs to be notified, there are many others that need to be informed too. No, we are not talking about family, relatives or friends, we are talking about the less thought-of, or to put in more precisely, often forgotten institutions that need to know where to find you if the need arises.

Consider this a checklist of all such institutions you need to update about your new change of address before relocating.

Australian Taxation Office

All individuals moving interstate are required by law to inform the Registrar of the Australian Business Register about their change of address within the first 28 days. All that the individual needs to do is register online for an Administrator AUSkey and call them to inform about the move on 13 92 26.


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Medicare card is a must, especially when you go to see a bulk-billing doctor. Ensure that you receive new cards from Medicare once you have updated your new home address. Individuals can do so online by registering for a myGov account or by calling at 132 307 to notify the authority of the change of address.

Electoral Commission

It is also important that you update your electoral roll because failure to do so might result in your name being taken off the roll, leaving you ineligible to vote. An individual needs to log on to the Australian electoral commission and inform the authority about the change of address promptly.


Communication of a change of address to your physician is also essential. You may not particularly enjoy the monthly checkups, but they are the reason you feel well. Inform your doctor about the move so that you continue to receive postal reminders of when your next check-up is due.


If you don’t notify the charitable institution where you donate, you will miss out on receiving heart-warming pictures and personal notes written for you by the kids previously sent your way via post.

Toll tags

Although a majority of a toll tags can be used nationwide, it is still advisable that to get your renewed address listed so that you can receive letters about your credit card details and related notifications and not be surprised about any accumulating fees at the end of the month.


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This could serve as the perfect excuse to get out of your gym membership. However, if you didn’t plan to, letting them know about your updated address might allow you to continue being a member as best gyms and health clubs in Australia have multiple branches all over the country.