What to Expect From Solar Panel Installation

By : europeanproperty

There’s no doubt about it, solar power is the way of the future. Between technological advances increasing panel yields and their continually plummeting cost to produce, the popularity of solar has skyrocketed and will continue to increase moving forward.

But if you’re new to the tech, you may well have no idea as to how to get started. For an idea of what the panel installation process looks like, here’s a rundown of what to expect every step of the way.

The Initial Site Visit

Before you move forward with your sustainable energy plans, you’re going to need to have an engineer come to your property to assess it.

They’ll take a look at the state of your home’s electrical systems to make sure that they’re compatible with the system you plan to install. They’ll also check up on the state of your roof to ensure that it can support the panels, or determine what improvements need to be made.

Usually, this engineer will work for the installer you’re going through. This is a good reason why from the very beginning, I would want to find the best solar installers near me to make sure that every step of the process is done right.

Getting Your Documentation in Order

Once you get an engineer to sign off on the project, it’s time to seek approval from the local municipality.

Just like any significant home improvement, you’ll need to seek a permit to have solar panels installed. It can be a lot of paperwork, but luckily your installer will handle most of it for you.

That said, you’ll want to do your due diligence and stay in the loop throughout this stage. In particular, you want to make sure that you reap any solar tax incentives or other financial benefits that you may be entitled to.

Scheduling a Panel Installation

With municipal approval, your installer can order your new panels and equipment. There are a few choices that you’ll need to make at this stage, like the panel models and inverters that you want. Your installer will probably have a brand that they recommend, but it never hurts to do your own research.

Customers will want to consider factors like efficiency, lifespan, cost, and appearance.

Once you’ve placed your order, your installer will add you to their queue of jobs. How long it will take between placing your order and installation varies based on your installer’s workload and availability of equipment, but a wait of 1-2 months is normal.

The installation itself is a multi-part job. Your installer will need to prep the roof, build the support racks, place the panels, and install the inverters. All told, it can be a 1-3 day job depending on the size of the system you bought.

Start Going Green Today

Solar panel installation is a lot like any major improvement to your home. You need to go through proper channels to ensure that everything is up to code, but beyond that, it’s a simple process. Particularly if you solicit the guidance of a professional solar installer.

In no time at all, you can start enjoying the financial benefits of renewable energy while taking pride in doing your part to help the environment. But you need not let that be the end of your home improvement aspirations.

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