What Type of Front Door is Right for Your Home?

By : Nick Marr

When it comes to improving your home, you probably pay attention to a number of key areas: The colour scheme of individual rooms, finishing touches to add such as prints to hang or show pieces to add (we’ve all been guilty of this at one time or another).

However one aspect of home improvement that is often overlooked, which can have a huge impact on the first impression your property gives off as well as the security of your home is the front door you choose for your property.

Your front door is a key component of the exterior of your home but also has many uses as well, which is quite obvious seen as it is the main way of entering and exiting your home.

However as already mentioned, the front door you choose for your home can also affect how secure your property is as well as setting the style for your home as a whole.

Like any improvement made to your property it is important that you find the right fit for you and make a decision based on personal choice. Another factor that is likely to affect the choice of front door you choose is how well it fits the overall look of your home.

If you live in a traditional and classic property than an ultra-modern looking front door is probably not going to be the right choice, the same goes for a modern property, in that case a traditional choice of front door may not be the right decision.

To help you find the right look for your home this article looks at the three most popular types of front doors currently available. Offering a real quick overview of how they differ and pros and cons of each.

Finding the Right Front Door for Your Home

When it comes to finding the right fit for your home it is important to know what choices you have available. In terms of popularity, three types of door lead the way: uPVC, Timber and Composite.

Although many homeowners may assume all doors are made the same, in fact there is quite a lot of difference between the different variations available and here we will break down each individually.

uPVC Doors

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To kick us off we will start by looking at uPVC doors. Although traditionally used as back doors, their popularity for being used as the entrance to a home as well has increased in recent years.

Their all white finish give off a modern look, but does mean you can’t customise uPVC doors to the overall style of your home. uPVC also lack slight in security measures in comparison to alternatives such as composite doors which will be expanded on further below.

Overall, uPVC are an affordable option of front door but not necessarily the best choice available. Although the material is cheaper to produce than timber as will be explored further below, what you save may lead to losses in the future if your property is targeted by thieves or you become bored of the standard white uPVC door finish.

Timber Doors

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While uPVC may be the traditional choice of back doors, timber has often been the most popular choice for front doors and there are a number of reasons for this popularity.

Timber doors offer a level of security that uPVC don’t and with timber doors you are also given the option of customising the appearance slightly to match that of your property.

Timber is also a cost effective material to use to produce front doors and can means savings for homeowners not looking to spend too much when improving their home.

Composite Doors

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Composite front doors are a style of door that have grown hugely in popularity over the last few years, now rivalling timber doors as the style of choice for many home owners.

This popularity can be credited to the fact they combine many of the benefits offered by both uPVC and timber doors into one offering.

The bespoke nature of composite doors mean they can be customised to your exact tastes while the way they’re manufactured mean they provide a level of security that the alternative front doors available struggle to match.

This guest article was contributed by Zak Harris, site manager of Composite Door Experts. Helping you find the right front door for your home.