When Should You Contact The Emergency Plumber?

By : Nick Marr

Running water is something we are used to in the modern world. Ever since piping was invented, running water was something that was seen as a vital commodity. The problem is that this vital commodity we use for being hydrated, cleaning, cooking and bathing is sometimes not accessible. Emergencies can always happen and can possibly create safety issues. Minor annoyances can be fixed by the homeowner or a plumber can be called the second day. Differentiating between the two is definitely something that can save a lot of money. Here is what you should know about the topic from information provided by Cranbourne Plumbers.

Running Water Lack

When running water lacks you need to consider this as being an emergency, especially if it has been going on for some time. Normally, you need to contact the plumber as soon as you can since you will not be able to shower, bathe, clean and cook. However, if the problem has been going on for a long time, this should be treated as an emergency and plumbers should come as soon as possible.

Septic Systems That Are Overflowing

A septic system is something we rarely think about. People tend to appreciate it only when it does not work anymore. Overflowing septic systems are going to cause the human waste to basically back up through the pipes. Leakage can appear at burial site. The local area will be filled with foul human waste smell. If this is not fixed, you can be fined, your neighbors will surely be upset and you are exposing yourself to health problems.

A Small Localized Leakage

Small pipe disruptions and breaks can easily cause localized leaks under the sinks or behind walls. You want to immediately address this since it can quickly turn into a really serious problem. Also, it can create huge water damage that will be a lot more expensive to fix than the price you pay for the services of the emergency plumber.

Faucets With Foul Odors

If you smell foul odor at the drain site or under your sink, clogs are most likely present. Blockages have to be addressed. Debris can easily collect inside pipes as it keeps accumulating more debris. At the end you will end up with full-blown clogs. Water flow is going to be hampered. However, the debris itself can easily begin to rot. As this is seen, tap water quality can be compromised and odors will appear. Be sure that you try to solve a clog as soon as possible or it can become worse.

When To Contact A Plumber

If an emergency happens, you obviously have to contact the specialist as soon as possible. However, if you see any of the following symptoms, do schedule a meeting with a plumber whenever possible:

  • Metallic water taste.
  • Loud noises.
  • Drippy leaks that do not go away.
  • Not being able to control the temperature of water.

Whenever you think that an emergency happened, it can be subjective for you. If you feel uncomfortable about your current plumbing conditions, just contact plumbers