Where To Buy Property In Torrevieja?

By : europeanproperty

Torrevieja is a lovely small town on the Costa Blanca. Many Europeans came here for vacations but also move permanently to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean. Even during the pandemic, the popularity of real estate hasn’t experienced a drop.

Speaking of the current situation, CEO of Virto Property Sergey Sinyugin says:

“The demand is the same, but fewer new properties will be built this and the next year. Of course, we try to be as flexible as possible in these difficult times.The demand remained the same, with an average price per square meter in November this year amounted to 1.387 € / m2. This means that the prices have increased by 2.4%, compared to last year’s prices.”

Whether you want to buy bargain property for a holiday or living, keep in mind that there are seven different districts. Certain areas are good for rent, and some aren’t. In this post, we explain the communities and advise you which one is the right choice.

Playa de la Cura

This beach is top-rated during the summer due to the lovely powdery sand and blue waters. Playa de la Cura is the area that surrounds the beach, a hot spot for tourists during the high season. It has all a tourist needs for a perfect vacation: proximity to the sea, bars, restaurants, umbrellas, and lifeguards.

However, the place has a few disadvantages. Since the beach is very narrow, it can be overcrowded during the high season. Furthermore, there is a problem with parking. Also, tourists can’t leave their umbrellas and towels to reserve their place on the beach. Such actions can result in a fine.

Tourists prefer accommodation that is near the beach so that they can walk there. The area around the coast up to Habaneras Avenue is ideal if you want to invest in real estate.


Centro is useful if you want to move permanently to Torrevieja. The district itself doesn’t have a beach, but accessing the beach is easy from here. There is a port where you can have a walk and enjoy the scenery. If you enjoy water sports, the port is the place you want to be close to. However, the only downside is that there is a neighborhood of illegal immigrants. Torrevieja’s cultural center has a few tourist hotspots, and people come here to admire the architecture.

El Acequión – Los Náufragos

This area has lots of buildings, so investors would be wise to get to know more about it. Most of the buildings don’t have elevators, so expect to see apartments on the fourth floor for low prices. If you are looking to land a deal on a bargain property, this is your perfect place.

This area wasn’t popular until investors started building skyscrapers and hotels. If you are interested in checking the offers, keep in mind that Los Náufragos is the less attractive part of the district. On the other hand, El Acequión is close to Centro and has luxurious properties. It also has lovely green parks.

Playa de los Locos

This is another famous beach in Torrevieja, and a less crowded one. There are no loud bars and shopping centers here, so the area is calm and quiet. Because of this, many Europeans chose to buy their summer homes here. Luxurious apartments are available in Palmeral, where you can have access to pools and other amenities.

By the beach, there are towers with apartments. There are also two-story residential buildings on the other side. They are built in Mediterranean style and have pools available. Los Frutales is a trending neighborhood among Europeans, as it is quiet and calm. Torre del Morro is located on a hill, so every property here has a great view of the sea. In addition, it has lots of supermarkets and lovely green parks for outdoor activities.

When it comes to buying property in Spain as a foreigner, many people are skeptical. However, professionals are working hard to make it easy for foreigners to get a real feel of the property even before they come to see it.

Aguas Nuevas

This district isn’t located by the sea, but this doesn’t mean that it is less popular. Since it is located on a hill, many property investors choose the area so they can enjoy the stunning views. It has all you need for urban life, including shopping centers, hospitals, and sports facilities.