Where to find the best beaches in Europe

By : Nick Marr

Long, lazy hours stretched out amongst white sand, with the warm sun on your face, as the chatter of holidaymakers and children playing breaks up the gentle sound of the blue sea lapping on the shore. You can just imagine yourself there now, right?

This is the definition of a perfect moment for most and can be found on one of Europe’s best beaches – you just need to know where to look to find one of these perfect sandy locations.

The best Portuguse beaches

Best beaches in Portugal

Head to Portugal for a beach featuring azure waves lapping against white sand running along striking orange rocks and stunning green pine trees contrasting against the clear, dark blue sky.This is Praia da Falesia beach and its most popular tourist months stretch from April to October. Algarve, where the beach is located, is a popular holiday destination in itself and a location many British people make their home. After a memorable holiday many can’t bear to leave and find themselves consulting Portuguese property experts.

Some of the best Spanish Beaches

Best beaches in Spain

If you’re looking for a more mesmerising experience then pay a trip to Playa de las Catedrales (Beach of the Cathedrals), which can be found in Spain, to experience stunning sea views and incredible rock archways to explore. The archways and striking cliff faces have been created from strong winds, salt and the tide hitting the rock over the years and creating striking formations.

Stunning beaches in Greece

Stunning beaches in Greece Greek Beach

Elafonissi beach, located in Greece, is a paradise lover’s dream. Crystal clear and warm water lapping against the white sandy shore tinged with pink from washed up coral make this beach feel like something from a tropical destination. The clear water allows for a fun snorkelling experience as you can spot plenty of fish species and there are also small islands easily reachable by swimming out in the sea. On the coast of Greece you’ll find the island of Lefkas and Eggremni beach. It is a challenge to reach the sandy shore, after a bumpy ride down a dirt track road you must then make your way down 296 steps (some people believe there are 350) to the beach – so it’s probably best to get there in the cooler period of the day.

However once you reach the bottom and see the long sandy shingle beach stretching across the coast and breathe a sigh of relief at how few people have made their way there you will be glad you made the journey. It is so quiet you can find your very own part of the beach for you and your group to solely enjoy. In tourist season you will find a hut selling snacks and drinks and you can also rent sun beds near the steps for the day.

Best beaches in the UK

Some of the best beaches in the UK

We might not have the tropical temperatures here in the UK but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our beaches, which are some of the most beautiful in Europe. Perranporth beach in Cornwall, for example, is a strong favourite and a popular destination for a ‘staycation’. The beach is clean and the perfect place for a walk when the tide is out, plus kids can explore the caves and rock pools dotted around near the cliffs overlooking the sand.

So if you’re planning on being a beach bum this year on your travels we hope one of these paradise-style locations inspire you to pack your bags, plenty of sun cream and get onto the sand.