Why Europeans Should Consider Foreign Real Estate Investments

By : Nick Marr

As you grow older, you probably realized the importance of financial investments. Whether you’re investing in condos in Montreal, or a villa in Phuket, it’s worth considering foreign real estate investments, and this article explains why.

1. It’s safe

When compared to the share market, investing in real estate is always a win. The risk of investing in shares is very high, as it is measured in returns and capital growth or loss, leading to the possibility of 40% of growth in a year or 40% loss in a week. This does not happen in real estate investments. Plus, if all else fails, you can always re-sell it. In Montreal, the prices of condominium units have been stable for a while, and remains affordable, making it an investment that is worth your while (and your money!).

2. It’s easy to get started

You do not need to be an expert in investments to be able to start investing in real estate. You can just go ahead and buy a house or an apartment in a condominium building, such as in Montreal, and watch as its value go up. Rentals are also a good source of income, as the city has a steady rental vacancy rate of 3.4%.

3.Total control

When you invest in shares, normally, you will need to hire a broker to handle trades for you. Its success is also reliant on market conditions and the people running the company you have invested in. When it comes to real estate and property, once you have settled the price, you have total control over it and own the asset directly. You do not have to rely on other people, and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

4. Affordable prices

Since Canadian dollar has been weakening compared to Euro and British pound, it makes absolute sense to invest in a property in Canada. Condominium units have remained in an affordable price, and the retail scene around downtown Montreal, the biggest city in Quebec, has been under a complete overhaul. This means more business and income opportunities in the days to come for current and future property owners in the city of Montreal alone.

5.You can renovate

Speaking of total control, since you own the property, you can do a total makeover of your property as you wish. You can improve how your apartment looks to make it more desirable and look more luxurious to those who want to buy or lease from you, making the resale value of real estate higher. Simply repainting walls, changing carpets, or replacing house fixtures can do a great deal in improving the overall look of a house or condo. Consider all these reasons when trying to decide whether or not you should invest in real property.