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Luxury Hotel for Sale in Spectacular Location

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€ 2,800,000


Luxury Hotel for Sale in Spectacular Location, Chrysomilia, Trikala, Meteora, Greece

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Thanks to its glorious climate, stunning Mediterranean coastlines, low living costs and welcoming atmosphere, Greece continues to be regarded as one of the most desirable places across the world to live. On offer here a fantastic opportunity to make a smart investment into this beautiful part of the world with this fantastic hotel.

The hotel, known as St George Hotel, is located close to Chrisomilia, a village of Meteora Trikala, Greece. The property sits on the picturesque mountain of Coziaka at an altitude of 1.200 metres. Among many other fantastic features, the hotel includes 5 floors (Ground floor, 1st floor, a loft, a semi-basement and the basement), 16 guest rooms (located on the 1st floor), 5 private rooms (located on the Loft) and 3 personnel rooms (located on the semi-basement). Alongside the accommodation, there is also a cafe, diner, kitchen, billiards room, 2 conference rooms, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, children's playroom, outdoor playground, wine cellar, 2 Elevators and ample parking space.

The property has also received many glowing reviews which can be seen on sites such as TripAdvisor and Booking.com.

in an era where we are all becoming more aware of how our lives affect the natural environment, this apartment complex is setting the standard with numerous eco-friendly designs and ideas resulting in the hotel being self-sufficient.

The holiday rental market is going through a golden age right now thanks to the emergence of direct rental sites such as Airbnb and booking.com and this property is a prime contender to take advantage of this and produce a steady income stream for the owner alongside the property investment. Trikala is not only a beautiful place in its own right but its central location makes it a great base from which to discover the many other fascinating places and cultures that Greece has to offer.

Sports and leisure fans will not be disappointed as the area is close to many excellent walking areas, cycling areas and places of historical interest such as the famous landmark of the Meteora Rock Formations (on UNESCO World Heritage List). The property is also just a few km away from the wonderful Petrouli Ski resort.

The area is also very well-connected transport wise both locally and internationally. The nearest international airport is Thessaloniki Airport, which is roughly 1.5 hours away and the property is also accessible by helicopter.


St George hotel is located close to Chrisomilia a village of Meteora Trikala, Greece. On the mountain of Coziaka at an altitude of 1.200 m. The property spans at 5.000 sq.m and the estate covers about 1.900 sq.m. The hotel has been successfully operating since 2011,it is in mint condition and renovations aren't needed. The property is accessible through road and through helicopter. it should be noted that the hotel is unindebted and has no financial loose ends.

The whole hotel is built with stones from the local area and handcrafted from skilled craftsmen. The estate is surrounded by natural beauty, there is a Fir forest and next to the property there is also a natural spring and small river. in the forest area many local plants, herbs and spices grow (including oregano, chestnuts, mushrooms, tea and apples). The area is also rich in historical and mythological lore. The area is for its association with the legendary hero Achilles and traveling close the area you can visit Olympus (the residence of the 12 Gods of Greece).

The hotel layout is 5 floors (Ground floor, 1st floor, a loft, a semi-basement and the basement). There are 16 guest rooms (located on the 1st floor), 5 private rooms (located on the Loft) and 3 personnel rooms (located on the semi-basement). Chrisomilia the village next to the hotel is known for its apple trees (hence its name Chriso 'Golden' milia 'Apple tree').

Photos cannot truly capture the beauty of the building and the landscapes surrounding it. For this reason, we recommend people that are truly interested in buying to come and appreciate the estate for themselves.


The extraordinary rock formations of the Meteora region would be an unmissable tourist attraction even if they weren't crowned by Byzantine monasteries. However, the sheer spectacle of those monasteries - somehow glued atop slender stone pinnacles by medieval masons and now collectively listed as a World Heritage site - makes this one of the most visited attractions in all Greece. This strange and beautiful landscape also offers wonderful opportunities for walkers and climbers.

While there's abundant food and lodging nearby in the modern town of Kalambaka and the pretty village of Kastraki, there's almost no infrastructure among the actual monasteries themselves, around 5km further up the road. Parking is minimal, so ideally you'd explore them on foot, by bus or on a tour with a local operator.

Straddling the narrow, tree-lined Lithaios River at the western edge of the plain of Thessaly, the lively and attractive region of Trikala makes a great base for visits to the Meteora region, just 20km northwest. it centres on a matching pair of squares, set to either side of the river. To the north, Plateia iroon Polytechniou is more formal, but adjoins the busy Manavika district, a former red-light neighbourhood that's now bursting with bars and tavernas. Plateia Riga Fereou on the south bank is prettier and pedestrianised, while a footbridge connecting the two holds a statue of Asclepius, the god of healing, held in legend to have been born in Trikala. Down below street level, lovely footpaths wind beside the river itself.

For a superb visual representation of the area, copy and paste the following link to your browser: https://youtu.be/lQpp6Afg-Mg


Located in a peaceful and well-run area.
Spacious 5000m2 plot and 1900m2 property.
Hotel layout is 5 floors.
Ground floor, 1st floor, a loft, a semi-basement and the basement).
16 guest rooms (located on the 1st floor).
5 private rooms (located on the Loft)
3 personnel rooms (located on the semi-basement).
Cafe with an outdoor space.
Diner and Kitchen (the kitchen is fully equipped with professional machinery).
Billiards room.
2 Conference rooms.
Sauna and Jacuzzi (Custom ordered from the UK).
Gym (equipment bought from KETTLER-Germany).
Childrens playroom and an outdoor playground.
Wine Cellar.
2 Elevators and a wooden staircase.
Ample Parking Space.
Central Heating (both gas and oil operated).
The estate is fully self-sufficient and is equipped with a power generator capable of powering everything(including the elevators).
Each guest room is fitted with its own fireplace.
The estate is also suitable to be used as a mansion.
Massive potential in the holiday rental market.
Surrounded by many areas of outstanding natural beauty and historical significance.
Close to Meteora Rock Formations (on UNESCO World Heritage List).
Walking distance to essential amenities like shops, restaurants and bars.
TripAdvisor continues to rate Greece the number one destination for tourists to travel in Europe.
Great base from which to discover the many other fantastic areas in the region.
Vast array of walking and cycling areas nearby.
Suited for medical tourism.
Suited for people with disabilities.
Horseback Riding.
Just 3km from Petrouli Ski resort.
Excellent local transport links.
1.5 hours from Thessaloniki Airport.


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