10 Home Improvements That Can Increase The Valuation Of Your Property

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Buying a house is a strenuous task, but if you want a modern house with smart gadgets, you must look for houses with all the possible home improvements included.

It’s indeed an investment in your financial future, so even if the house goes a bit over your budget, you should not hesitate to invest.

After all, when you put the same house on the listing, you’ll profit from the transaction. It will be a pretty fantastic deal considering the amount you pay for it now and what you will get, say 10 years later.

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Now, let’s focus on the top 10 home improvements to increase your property valuation. 


10 Home Improvements That Can Increase Your Property Valuation

If you own a home and consider selling it at some point in your life, you must look for cost-effective home improvements that can increase your property valuation. We have accumulated a few of them here, so take a look:


1: Bathroom Upgrades

Bathroom upgrades are a great way to increase your home valuation and make it more appealing to potential buyers. 

You can add new sinks, showers, bathtubs, or if you want to take it up a notch, adding a vanity dressing room could be a new improvement.

You can also upgrade the lighting and add 3D tiles on the floor to get a futuristic vibe. On the other hand, adding attached bathrooms to the bedroom makes them even more appealing to real estate investors.


2: Outdoor Improvement

If you have a front yard attached to your home, you can make great upgrades to that place and increase its market valuation. For example, you can install an outdoor fire pit so that people can arrange bonfire sessions there during winter.

You can also buy some patio furniture and create friendly chit chat set up in the yard where you can sit with your buddies for hours during summer. 

Take good care of your lawn, and set up a tent there so that kids can have a feeling of camping when they spend the night inside it. These affordable real estate developments are budget-friendly, but they increase your home valuation.


3: Energy-Saving Improvements

Everyone is a fan of energy-saving resources. For example, installing a solar panel on the roof will take minimum maintenance, but your electricity bill will reduce significantly within some days.

You can increase the insulation of your attic, and that will ensure your house faces less damage every time it rains. If you don’t pay heed to it, the shingles on your roof might crack, and water vapor will seep into your walls.

You can also swap the poorly-insulated doors and windows if you want. All these improvements will make your house durable and help it last longer. 


4: Interior Design

Hire an interior designer, and he will help you choose the best interior design that goes with your house. If that seems too much, you can start by upgrading the light fixtures. Moreover, adding a chandelier in the hall can seem fancy.

Modernize the house paint, and add abstract design on one of the walls. Adding attractive wallpaper can also be an excellent interior design solution.

Replace those old curtains, and use blinds instead. You can also replace the doorknobs with a more quirky design to give your interior a new look and increase its market value.


5: Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen upgrades may be expensive, but they substantially increase your property’s ROI. For example, you can turn the pans and pots into a functional display, repaint the cabinets, replace the faucet, and expose some shelves.

On the other hand, changing the kitchen lighting could also add a new look. Finally, swap out the flooring, and create a place for people to sit.

You can also modernize the kitchen island and the countertops to make more room for your modern appliances. 


6: Landscaping

If your backyard is messy and filled with weeds and shrubs, potential buyers will be a drawback. So, hire a landscaper today, and start with reseeding the lawn, weeding the flower beds, planting trees, and so on.

If you don’t want to hire a landscaper, you can do these renovations yourself. It will be time-consuming, but it will be fun.

Moreover, you can also remove dead trees, replace the old mulch, rank up old grass, and add hanging flower baskets at a corner to give your backyard a greener outlook. 


7: Smart Home Automation

Smart home devices are generating a lot of buzz in the real estate industry, and it’s no doubt that these improvements will also boost the property valuation of your house.

According to recent studies, smart home automation can increase property valuation by 5%-10%. Moreover, if you have gadgets installed by good brands, they will indeed be an attractive asset for your house.

Start by installing a smart thermostat, install a video doorbell, place the motion sensors in the yard, and make the home safe and sound for your loved ones. 


8: Utilizing Unused Space

There must be some unused spaces in your home that you have not thought of renovating so far. Well, it’s time you put some thought into it and renovate it so that it increases your house’s property value.

You can turn the unused space into a library by just adding a bookshelf and some couches there. If that does not sound appealing, turn it into a game room where kids can spend time with their toys.

Turning the unused space into a home gym or a home office is also a feasible idea for some people depending upon how much space you have.


9: Increasing Curb Appeal 

Your home’s curb appeal will decide the first impression your house makes on future buyers, so you must take care of it accordingly. There are various ways to boost your home’s curb appeal.

You can repaint the bricks or wood or purchase a new entry door to change your house’s exterior look. Adding some lights on the entryways also seems like a good idea.

Replace your garage door, turn it into something sturdier, and add stone veneer to the entryways. You don’t need to apply all these improvements at once. Go slow, and add them one by one. 


10: Maintaining Building Codes

If your house is too old, you must check if it still incorporates the current building codes or not. If not, take action right away because otherwise, your house may not even make it to the property listing.

Check the building’s wiring, plumbing, roofing, insulation, HVAC systems, water heaters, and windows to ensure they are in functional condition.

If you have a new house, these improvements are not required, but make sure you check these codes properly for an old one.



Not all of these improvements are costly. In fact, some are pretty within anyone’s budget, so if you plan to sell your house someday in the future, add these home improvements right away.

If you need more details on these home improvement ideas, reach us in the comment section. We will get back to you with an answer in no time.