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FAQs – Luxury Property In Greece

  1. How Much Does A Luxury Property Cost On Average In Greece?
    The cost of luxury properties in Greece varies widely based on factors like location, proximity to the coast, and historical significance. On average, luxury properties in popular areas like Santorini or Mykonos can go from €500,000 to €10 million or more. It’s important to research specific locations for more precise figures.

  2. What Are The Most Sought-After Areas For Luxury Properties In Greece?
    Some of the most desired locations include Santorini, Mykonos, Athens (particularly the coastal suburbs), Corfu, Rhodes, and Crete. These areas attract buyers due to their picturesque views, rich history, and lifestyle offerings.

  3. What Factors Determine The Price Of Luxury Real Estate In Greece?
    Location, size, view (such as sea view), historical significance, architectural design, and current condition of the property play major roles in determining its value.

  4. How Has Greece’s Economic Condition Affected The Luxury Real Estate Market?
    While Greece went through an economic downturn, the luxury real estate market, especially in tourist-favored areas, remained fairly resilient. Prices may have dropped, making it a good opportunity for investors, but prime locations remain in demand.

  5. Is It A Good Time To Invest In Greek Luxury Real Estate?
    Given the steady recovery of the Greek economy and increasing interest from foreign investors, many experts believe that now is an opportune time to invest. However, it’s always advised to consult with local real estate experts and financial advisors.

  6. What Other Expenses Should I Budget For When Purchasing A Luxury Home In Greece?
    Besides the property price, potential buyers should consider the Property Transfer Tax, Notary fees, Real Estate Agent Commission, annual property tax, potential renovation costs, and legal fees.

  7. Is It Possible For Foreigners To Purchase Luxury Real Estate In Greece?
    Yes, there are no restrictions preventing non-Greeks from owning property in Greece. However, foreign buyers may need to adhere to certain financial and documentation procedures.

  8. How Does The Process Of Buying A Luxury Property In Greece Work?
    First, you identify and negotiate for a property. A preliminary agreement is then signed and a deposit paid. Once due diligence is done, the final contract is signed before a notary, and the remainder of the purchase price is paid. Ownership is then registered in the national land registry.

  9. How Can I Find Luxury Homes For Sale In Greece?
    You can explore various online platforms specializing in Greek properties, engage with local real estate agencies, or hire a luxury property real estate agent with expertise in the Greek market.

  10. Are There Any Citizenship Or Residency Benefits When Investing In Greek Real Estate?
    Yes, Greece offers a Golden Visa program. By investing €250,000 or more in Greek real estate, non-EU/EEA citizens can obtain a five-year residence permit, which can be renewed as long as the property investment remains.

Remember, while these answers provide a general overview, the real estate market can be complex and dynamic. Always consult with professionals or specialists when considering purchasing luxury properties in Greece or any other country.

Luxury Real Estate In Greece: Overview Luxury real estate in Greece captures the allure of ancient history combined with contemporary charm, beckoning astute buyers to invest in this Mediterranean paradise. The upscale property sector in Greece has witnessed a promising growth trajectory. Based on Engel & Völkers’ report, the premium property prices in Greece have escalated by 28% from 2018 to 2023.

According to an analysis by Mordor Intelligence, property sales in Greece reached EURO 250 billion (USD 243.99 billion) in 2022, marking an impressive 11% annual increase. Mansion Global emphasized that Athens, Greece’s vibrant capital, secured the sixth spot in their 2019 index, boasting a striking year-over-year growth of 9.4%. Further, Knight Frank noted an average property price surge of 8% in Athens during 2019 and a total increase of over 95% since 2005.

Industry experts foresee a positive trajectory for Greece’s high-end real estate market. Low borrowing rates, soaring demand, and limited premium properties, especially in sought-after regions, are anticipated to maintain the upward price trend.

An interesting tidbit about Greece is its unparalleled contribution to world history. As the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic Games, and much of Western philosophy and literature, Greece is an eternal fountain of cultural richness.

Investing in Greece’s luxury real estate might be a prudent move. While some suggest a slight dip in housing prices in the near future, the enduring demand and robustness of the upscale market hint at a formidable real estate sector.

Notable Locations For Luxury Real Estate In Greece

  • Athens
  • Thessaloniki
  • Mykonos
  • Santorini
  • Crete
  • Rhodes
  • Corfu
  • Naxos
  • Hydra
  • Paros
  • Chania
  • Patmos
  • Spetses
  • Kos
  • Kefalonia
  • Milos
  • Lefkada
  • Delphi
  • Zakynthos
  • Peloponnese
  • Cyclades
  • Ionian Islands
  • Attica
  • Dodecanese
  • Epirus
  • Thracia
  • Central Greece
  • Macedonia
  • Aegean Islands
  • Saronic Islands

Types Of Luxury Homes In Greece

  • Seafront Villas
  • Traditional Stone Houses
  • Modern Condos
  • Ancient Manor Houses
  • Boutique Apartments
  • Island Retreats
  • Cliffside Mansions
  • Beach Houses
  • Olive Groves Estates
  • Penthouses

Trends In Greece’s Luxury House Market

  • Historical Restoration: Investors increasingly value homes that preserve Greece’s rich history, be it a restored Venetian mansion or a traditional island house.
  • Eco-Friendly Estates: As environmental consciousness rises, there’s a growing inclination towards properties with renewable energy installations and sustainable design.
  • Resorts & Wellness Homes: Given Greece’s rich spa history, homes with private wellness facilities, including natural hot springs and therapeutic pools, are highly sought after.
  • Foreign Investment: Thanks to the Golden Visa program, non-European investors flock to Greece, securing luxury properties and EU residency in one stroke.

Luxury Amenities In Greece Homes

  • Mediterranean Elegance: Greece’s luxury homes blend the country’s historical aesthetics with modern opulence.
  • Gourmet Kitchens: Infused with the spirit of Greek gastronomy, these kitchens combine form, function, and a dash of Aegean flair.
  • Spa Bathrooms: Think lavish baths carved out of marble, reminiscent of ancient Greek bathhouses, modernized with luxury.
  • Sea View Terraces: The shimmering Mediterranean becomes a personal backdrop in many Greek luxury homes, with terraces overlooking azure waters.

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