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To sell luxury property effectively we know from our own experience that you need to access a global audience. We do just that to showcase your high-end listings you need to be in the right environment.  That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing an elite advertising platform tailored for high-end real estate in Europe. Our robust online presence since 1998 makes us the go-to platform for discerning homeowners and agents.

Unlimited Listings

You’re free to upload unlimited listings on our website, showcasing the best of your luxury properties to a targeted audience. 

Marketing in several languages

With over 20 years online we are a trusted place for buyers in search of high-end real estate. We have learned that listings that are presented in several languages attract a fresh stream of leads. All our member’s listings are translated into 9 different languages.

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Lux Owner
  • Time Period: 12 months
  • Properties: 1
  • Featured Listings 1
  • Your listing translated into 9 languages
  • Leads emailed directly to you
  • Social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Direct links to your website
  • Share your video on our YouTube and social channels
  • Include a blog post in our news section
  • No commission
  • Cancel at anytime 
Agency Partner
  • Time Period: Monthly 
  • Properties: Unlimited
  • Featured Listings 20
  • Your listings translated into 9 languages
  • Leads emailed directly to you
  • Social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Direct links to your website
  • Share your video on our YouTube and social channels
  • Include a blog post written by you in our news section each month (email this to us) 
  • Listing in our agency directory
  • No commission
  • Cancel at anytime 

Global Elegance: Unlock Multilingual Marketing for Luxury Home Sales

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Elevate your property listing with and ensure global visibility!

When you list with us, your property details are translated into Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. Not only does your listing appear on, but it also spans our vast network of multilingual websites.

Captivate potential buyers searching in their native language, breaking down linguistic barriers. Benefit from maximum exposure across the world’s most spoken languages, reaching a diverse audience effortlessly. opens the door to international opportunities, making your property a global contender in the real estate market. 

Publish Your Articles On Our luxury real estate Blog

Home owners will have a blog post published on our website and promoted on social media. Agencies can submit a blog posts for us to publish with valuable search engine links to their websites to boost their search engine rankings. We can even write articles for you at a small extra fee.

How to create the perfect property listing

Creating the perfect luxury home listing requires a keen eye for detail, an understanding of your target market, and the ability to showcase the property’s unique features in the best light. Here’s a 300-word guide to crafting a listing that attracts discerning buyers:

  1. High-Quality Photography: Invest in professional photography to capture the beauty of the home. Use wide-angle shots to show the scale and layout of rooms. Include shots taken at different times of the day to highlight natural lighting and the ambiance of the property.

  2. Engaging Description: Start with a captivating opening that highlights the property’s most luxurious feature. Use descriptive language to paint a picture of living in the home. Focus on unique elements like custom architecture, high-end finishes, or state-of-the-art technology.

  3. Highlight Lifestyle Benefits: Luxury buyers are looking for more than just a home; they are buying into a lifestyle. Highlight proximity to upscale amenities, exclusive community features, or the prestige of the neighborhood.

  4. Detail Key Features: Be specific about the property’s features. Mention the type of wood in the flooring, brands of appliances, smart home capabilities, and any other high-end details.

  5. Virtual Tours and Videos: Offer virtual tours or high-quality videos that allow potential buyers to experience the property online. This is especially important for attracting international or out-of-state buyers who may not be able to visit in person initially.

  6. Testimonials or History: If available, include testimonials from previous owners or a brief history of the property. This can add an emotional appeal and a sense of legacy to the home.

  7. SEO Optimization: Use keywords that potential buyers might use to search for luxury homes. Include the location, property type, and high-value features in your listing to improve its visibility online.

  8. Responsive Contact Information: Make sure that potential buyers can easily contact you. Provide multiple communication channels and ensure quick response times.

By combining stunning visuals, compelling narratives, and detailed information, your luxury home listing will stand out and appeal to high-end buyers. Remember, you’re not just selling a property; you’re selling a dream and a lifestyle.


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