3 Ways to Update your Home for Aging in Place

By : europeanproperty

As you get older, there’s a good chance that you won’t have as much independence as you once did. Often, old age affects our muscles and joints, making it harder for us to move around comfortably on our own, and complete tasks the way that we used to. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your quality of life, or the way that you prefer to live. These days, more seniors are deciding to age in place than ever, choosing a life at home in their own property over the idea of moving into assisted living environments. While this strategy can give you more freedom to live how you choose, it’s worth remembering that you may need to make a few changes to your property to ensure you can stay safe.

Deal with the Flooring

The first thing you’ll need to address when aging in place is the flooring. If you drag your feet because of movement issues, or you have a walker to help you get around, then you can’t afford to have rugs and carpets that could easily trip you over. Think about whether it’s going to be easier to have vinyl flooring that’s not as easy to slip around on. You could also look into low-pile carpet. While removing high-pile carpets and other risks, think about securing or getting rid of rugs entirely. If you have issues with movement, the edge of a rug can easily be a tripping hazard, particularly if you’re walking around without the best vision.

Handle the Stairs

The next step is thinking about how you’re going to manage having multiple floors in your home. You might not want to move to a one-floor living situation if you already have a property that’s just the way you like it. However, stairs are a serious source of accidents and potential injuries for older individuals and people with mobility issues. The best way to protect yourself and make life more convenient is to look into home lifts. The home lift prices in UK are dropping all the time, and there are plenty of companies out there that can help you find a design that’s right for you. Today’s home elevator options are more stylish and compact than ever, and they’re a great way to make your home more accessible.

Think about the Bathroom

Aside from the stairs, the bathroom is one of the main places in your home that is likely to be a source of injury when you get older. Make sure that you have plenty of grab rails in place to protect you when you’re walking on a potentially wet floor. You should also have rails in place that help to lower you onto the toilet or into the bath if necessary. A shower bench can be a helpful addition here, as it gives you a place to rest and wash yourself with minimal assistance. You might also think about a walk-in tub. It’s also useful to have a motion-activated light in your bathroom, so you can see where you’re going at night.