5 Simple Steps You Can Take To De-Clutter Your Home Now

By : Nick Marr

Unless you live in a perfect minimalist home you will probably have problems with clutter around your house. Here are some simple techniques that you can use to tidy up those cluttered corners and make some much needed space. These are just five ways to make some space.

1. Follow the Kondo method

An article in the Guardian online describes how Japanese author, Marie Kondo, has created a method for de-cluttering your home. Whether you need self storage in Yardley or help with the mess in your bedsit in Japan, the techniques are the same. Decide what you want to keep and get rid of the rest. This might sound a bit drastic, but it’s the only way you can truly clear your home and at the same time your mind.

2. Tidy your living room

An article on the Housetohome website explains how you can reorganise your living room by simply creating cupboards where you can hide all of your electrical equipment. Built-in units painted in bright colours are a great way of hiding a multitude of remote controls and cables. Placing the TV inside a unit with doors will allow you to stop it becoming the focal point of the room, therefore making it easier too relax and read, or just chill.

3. Clear one room at a time

If you decide to have a clearout, try to do it one room at a time. So many people attempt to clear the whole house in one go, but you’ll find that you just end up moving items from one room to the other. Thinking that something might be needed in the future normally means you’re never going to use it again. Throw away everything that isn’t necessary and keep the most important articles that you’ll use again.

4. Donate your unwanted items

Most people have built up a vast collection of CDs, DVDs and books. Most of these items will never be looked at again, apart from your most precious and loved films or books. The rest can be donated to one of your local charity shop or even sold online giving you a bit of extra cash. Getting rid of all of these surplus items will create some space and make it easier to clear a room.

5. Working from home

If you work from home there is nothing worse than having a cluttered office. It can make working uncomfortable if you are surrounded by paperwork that you don’t need and is out of date. It is worth going through any documents you have lying around and getting rid of any pieces that are no longer relevant.

Try and organise your de-cluttering as if you are cleaning your desktop or computer files. Once you start clearing up you will begin to enjoy having some spare space.

The best way to make room in your home is to draw up a plan and make sure that you follow it. A list is satisfying once you start ticking off each number.