5 things to look for when investing in property in France

By : europeanproperty

5 things to look for when investing in property in France


When looking at investing in property outside your country of residence it can become a daunting experience, so in this article we are going to go over 5 of the main things to think about when you are looking to buy investment properties in France.

So without further ado below is the top 5 points

1 Price


One of the first reasons to invest in French property is the price compared to the UK you can find some amazing south of france villas for sale in a price range of a single bed flat in parts of the UK

Compared to the market in 2006 french property is still 15% lower than at their peak, but as with all countries and areas there are can be some massive differences in the prices, depending on tourism, commutability and of course local utilities

2 Rental Yield


The south of France has some of the best yields when it comes to rental properties in France, not only do you have the amazing holiday market in the summer, but you also have people looking for longer term rentals in winter as people look for winter sun or longer term rentals because they are looking to purchase their own properties

Searching Google for luxury real estate cannes is one of the easiest ways to also include some further investment yield as a lot of property is rented during the film festival

3 Housing Market Stability


The stability of the French housing market is well known among property investors so whether you are a first time investor or a seasoned one, investing in the French market is a great way to go as you are less likely to have a bubble that pops and you lose all the equity in your portfolio.

4 Price increases


With a large number of British, German and other Northern Europeans emigrating to France in their later lives specific investment areas of property will start to become oversubscribed, as an investor this is great for your 10 year projections if you are looking to get a yield and then to sell the property, as you will have a larger audience that will be looking to purchase properties and as they are expats the likelihood of them having the majority upfront will allow you to process transactions quicker

5 The Economy


Compared to a lot of other countries and economies in the EU the French economy is in relative terms booming, this works well for investment property as you also have the ability for locals to spend their money on holidays in your properties as well as holidaymakers from other parts of the world as well