7 Quick Improvements You Can Make To Increase The Value of Your Home Prior to Sale

By : Nick Marr

Prior to selling a home, many homeowners choose to make small improvements to their home to increase the value. Every seller wants to make a profit on their home, and increasing the value is the best way to make the most possible money back. To get the most possible money for your sale, homeowners must have a perfect home or be willing to put a little money into their home to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Not all profitable improvements are expensive, time-consuming, and over-the-top. These quick improvements provide a larger buyer pool, more interest, and almost always guarantee a bigger profit.

Fix the Faucets

One of the biggest changes a homeowner can make to their home without spending big bucks is fixing the faucets. They don’t seem like deal-breakers for buyers, but a dated, ugly faucet can turn any room into a boring space. Bathrooms and kitchens deserve to have functional, upgraded faucets that look elegant and appealing. Buyers notice these little things more than most homeowners realize.

Add Backsplash 

Kitchens are big selling points for any home, but most homeowners assume a kitchen remodel is expensive and time-consuming. The truth is the simplest changes can make a boring kitchen more exciting in just a few hours. Adding a luxury backsplash to the kitchen for just a few hundred dollars can change the overall feel of the space. It makes it seem more upscale, more custom, and more expensive. Using materials such as travertine or marble makes a huge difference in the overall look of any kitchen, and it attracts buyers.

Update the Hardware 

If your budget as a homeowner is small, consider making a change such as new hardware in place of other, more expensive upgrades. Get rid of basic hardware by spending just a little more money on upgraded hardware on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well as the doors throughout the house.

When focusing on door hardware upgrades, begin with the front door. This is the door buyers see first, and it should have the fanciest, most appealing hardware. An electronic hardware system is in style at the moment, but getting rid of basic gold hardware is what’s most important when choosing new hardware.

New Lighting Pays Off 

Lighting is everything in the age of selfies and Instagram photos, which is why buyers want homes with ample natural light and updated lighting. If you have dated light fixtures, replace them. A walk-in closet with excess space looks even more luxurious with a chandelier. Simple, modern fixtures look great above kitchen bars and islands, and cabinets with under-mounted lighting make buyers remember your kitchen. If it’s basic, get rid of it. If it’s gold, get rid of it. The idea is simple, chic, and elegant when it comes to updating your lighting.

Add Curb Appeal 

The first thing potential buyers notice when they drive up is the curb appeal. If your lawn is overgrown, your landscaping is nil, and your walkway hasn’t been pressured washed in years, they’re going to develop a rather unflattering opinion of the house before they make it inside. Even if the interior of your home is picture-perfect, no one wants to add yardwork to their list of things to do, especially if you live where the weather is extreme. Keep the lawn short, the hedges trimmed, and pressure wash your home. You might be surprised what a major difference it makes to the overall look of your house.

Repaint the House 

Buyers love neutral spaces. It allows them to see themselves living in a home, cozying up by the fire on a cold winter night or entertaining guests in the bright, open kitchen. What buyers can’t do is picture themselves in a home as they’re surrounded by bright purple walls in one room, blood red in another, and yellow overload in the bathroom. Painting your walls costs very little, but it adds so much. Yes, it’s an easy fix, but buyers don’t want to walk into homes and see work to do. They want to see their family moving their boxes into the house and unpacking. Go with neutral colors that are light, bright, and airy.

The added bonus to painting is making small spaces seem larger. Dark paint makes small spaces seem more confined, but adding lighter paint opens them right up by reflecting light. Homeowners can also make small spaces look much larger by moving curtain rods as close to the ceiling as possible and purchasing floor-length curtains. This makes the room look much taller, drawing the eye upward and causing the entire room to appear larger than it is. Just be sure to use the right tools when you tackle a job like this one, or you could do more damage to the walls than good.

Add Color in the Right Places 

While it’s true buyers don’t want to see pink rooms and blue walls, they do want to see some color in the right places. The right place is almost always the front door. Buyers love a bold front door that really pops, and colors such as turquoise, blue, and red are excellent choices for most any home. The other way to add color in all the right places is with greenery. Add pretty flowers to the front porch, plant a flower garden, and keep a vase of bright flowers in the house on the mantle or kitchen island for a pop of color. It makes buyers feel more at home, more relaxed, and more luxurious to have fresh flowers in and around the home they might eventually call their own.

Upgrading your home by making small improvements is the easiest way to add a bit of value to the house before it sells. These inexpensive projects do require some upfront cost, but homeowners recoup all the money they spent on these projects and then some when they sell. Before you begin any home improvements, make sure they’re in line with the value of your home, the comparisons in the neighborhood, and the budget you’re working with.

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