A Guide to Finding the Best Plumbers in Your City

By : Nick Marr

With so many pipes and plumbing systems running through your home, it’s always good to have a plumber on call. Plumbers all have different levels of training and expertise, and each city and local area has its own guidelines for licensing and operating a business as a plumber, so not all of them are created equally. For you, that means a little time invested in researching the various plumbers in your city so that you can find the right one for your needs.

Expertise and Experience

Choose plumbers that have been in business for a while. There may be nothing wrong with that company that was formed just two years ago, but the odds are low that their team has optimal job experience compared to other more established companies. You should find out how long a plumber has been working in the industry, ask for references from previous customers and satisfied clients, and check for complaints filed against plumbers in regards to poor work or broken contracts.

Professional Licensing and Insurance Cover

Never, ever hire someone to work on your home if they do not have a professional license and insurance to protect them on the job. It might seem like a good deal to hire that guy down the street that says he knows plumbing because he’s cheap and seems like a nice guy, but what if that “nice guy” gets hurt on your property and attempts to sue you for damage? Or worse, what if he causes thousands of dollars in additional damage to your plumbing while attempting repairs?

Always, always choose a licensed, insured, and bonded plumber or plumbing service.


Despite the fact that a company comes up as a local option when you search for plumbers in your city, they may not actually be a local service. A lot of online marketing targets homeowners looking for local services, and then will actually connect them with a multinational company or some toll-free number that offers plumbers all over the country. It’s best to stick with local plumbers that actually have a physical business address (not just a mailing address or postal box) in your city or one nearby.

Compare Estimates

A plumber should be willing to come to your home and provide an in-person estimate of the work that needs to be done. This will provide a much more accurate cost and allow them to truly see the scope of the work. You should always have at least three (3) estimates done before you hire any contractor or professional to do work around your home. Compare each estimate to see who offers the best combination of experience, professionalism, technical expertise, and affordability.

Hiring plumbers isn’t the biggest task you’ll ever take on, but it is one that requires attention on your part. Plus, if you do take the time to find and hire a reputable plumber, you can keep their number in your contacts for all of your future plumbing needs.