Bathroom, Kitchen and Garden: The 3 Areas that really sell a Home

By : Nick Marr

Think about the most often used rooms in your home, and there’s really no contest.  Your kitchen and your bathroom are the two most used spaces, and they’re the rooms that will most often be judged and either loved or hated by potential buyers coming to take a peek.  The other area that will often be the make it or break it when it comes to a sale is the garden; your outdoor space is the first to greet potential buyers, and it must appeal in order to be an asset to your home.

The Kitchen

Far and away, your kitchen has the potential to be the selling point for your home. So what can you do to ensure that the impact that it’s making on viewers is a positive one?  Lots…and you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

If you’re not willing or able to bankroll a major renovation (and most of us aren’t), there are still many different things that you can do to improve this vastly important space.  Start by giving your kitchen a complete clean; and yes this means inside and out.  Your potential buyers will be opening drawers, cupboards, and probably be taking a peek inside of your appliances as well.  Make sure everything is clean and pack away anything that isn’t absolutely necessary to give the illusion of plenty of storage space, even if this isn’t necessarily the case.  Don’t forget those often overlooked places, like the baseboards and windowsills.  You might not notice them in your day to day activities, but you can be sure that potential buyers will.

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If your cupboards are outdated, you don’t necessarily have to replace them.  If they’re solid but would just benefit from a facelift, consider either painting them or just replacing the hardware.  The hardware is a pretty easy fix, and it’s relatively inexpensive.  If your budget is super tight, consider getting a can of good quality spray paint and updating your hardware without replacing it.  If you can afford it, spend the money on a decent quality set that will update and improve the overall appearance of your drawers and doors.  Often a simple, matte black drawer pull or knob will do the trick and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

With some time and effort, a kitchen can be completely revamped by painting the cupboards.  It’s important to give them a light sanding, prime and then paint in order to have a finish that will stand up to regular wear.  Leave lots of time between priming and painting so that the primer has time to cure.  Stick to brighter, neutral colours so that your finished look isn’t too “heavy”, so that it appeal to a wide variety of the population.

Lighting can be an incredibly important element in your kitchen space.  All of your upgrades won’t make a difference if nobody can see it properly, and the best combination is to have a set of functional task lighting and also some mood lights for dinners.  If your kitchen lights have seen decades of use, it might be time to take a look at what 2017 has to offer in lighting.  Recessed lights are coveted by many homeowners; their simple look can compliment a large variety of styles and decors.  A number of recessed task lights with a great pendant over the table is a wonderful and inviting way to impress potential buyers.

A paint job on your walls (and ceilings, trim and doors if they’re very worn) can also bring your kitchen into the limelight and make it appear newer.  Again, use light or pale neutrals so that your visitors can imagine bringing their own personality into the mix.

The Bathroom

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As with the kitchen, a fresh paint job, updated hardware and a good cleaning is of vital importance.  Replace worn towel bars, toilet paper holders and any hooks or hangers with a matching set.  Make any repairs to leaks or running toilets, so that everything is in good working order.

In both rooms, keep counters free of clutter and leave only minimal decor on the walls or on shelves. If you have a luxury shower cabin, be sure it’s been spruced up for maximal exposure.

The Garden

Your outdoor space is the first to greet potential buyers, so it must make a good first impression.  Keep the lawn mowed, whipper snipped and swept of dead grass, leaves and branches, and weed garden beds regularly.  Prune shrubs and trees to keep them tidy, and if your yard is fenced, make sure that the fence is freshly painted (if it’s wood) and in good repair.

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If you have a fire pit, clean out any debris.  Ensure that your lawn is free of toys, tools, and animal waste.  If you’ve got lawn furniture in great shape, give it a good wipe down and set it up so that buyers can see the potential for relaxation and enjoyment.  Set a pot of brightly coloured flowers on the table to act as a pleasing centre piece.