Best Cities in Europe that Offer Quality Living

By : Nick Marr

Europe is all about mystic adventures and surreal beauty. Its eclectic blend of cultures, awe-inspiring scenery, epic history and sublime culinary diversity truly make it worth visiting. With over 50 countries, it is the world’s smallest continent by land surface area. Yet, you can find profound differences between every country’s culture and lifestyle. Most of the countries are members of the European Union, with their own laws and currencies. The reasons to live in Europe are many; friendly people, open borders, work-life balance, efficient infrastructure, good recreational opportunities and exciting cultural activities are a few of them.

The quality of life that a city offers is measured in terms of crime rate, electricity supply, average monthly expenses, public transport systems, telephone services, waste management, climatic conditions and other factors. All in all, cities are evaluated on a total of 39 factors including health, personal safety, education, transportation facility, environmental, political and economic factors and other public services.

For those of you who wish to live in Europe, here’s a list of cities that will add colour to each day of your life.

Vienna – You haven’t seen anything if you haven’t visited Vienna.  The welcoming city of Vienna is one of the top European cities to live in.  Its charming atmosphere, great quality of life, well-planned public transportation, high security and a plethora of attractions, appeal to travellers and locals alike.  The city also ranked number one in Mercer’s 20th ‘Quality of Living’ survey for the ninth time.

Zurich – Did you know that Zurich is the next best city in the world for expats, after Vienna? There’s no doubt that it is one of the world’s safest places to live in. Good connectivity, business freedom, ample healthcare facilities, great environmental quality and plenty of options for outdoor activities set the pace for living here. Although it’s an expensive city, it is balanced out by high average net incomes and lower taxes. Lastly, if you’re all good with sticking to the rules, then Zurich is your best bet.

Munich – As per Mercer’s global survey, Munich is the third best city to live in. Whether it’s the city’s efficient public services, cleanliness, healthy work-life balance, great educational facilities, ample outdoor activities or cultural wealth, you will find everything that you need for leading a comfortable life.

Dusseldorf and Frankfurt – Although Dusseldorf is not a big city like Munich, Berlin or Frankfurt, it still makes a good city to live in and ranked number six in Mercer’s survey. You can take advantage of its modern as well as small town feel, international work opportunities and the efficient underground transit line. Frankfurt is also chosen by a lot of people for its business opportunities and excellent healthcare, connectivity and safety.

Geneva – To cut the story short, here are the best things about living in Geneva – its scenic location, easy transport, high standard of living, friendly people, gastronomic choices, cultural splendour and beautiful ambience.

Copenhagen – Copenhagen provides the best quality of life in that it offers work-life balance, high salaries, 24-hours transportation facilities and low crime rate. Lip-smacking Nordic cuisine in the neighbourhood, exciting cultural events, high-end fashion boutiques and snowy winters are like the icing on the cake. Now that sounds like a dream destination, doesn’t it?

Amsterdam – Low cost of living, great work environment, good work-life balance, charming atmosphere, vibrant cultural festivals, well-planned public transport, friendly English-speaking locals and recreational activities aplenty; that’s what Amsterdam is all about.

Berlin – It’s a city for artists, art-lovers and all kinds of creative minds. Berlin is very affordable, lively and tolerant, and offers excellent public transport, entrepreneurial opportunities, work-life balance and recreational spaces.

Hamburg – Having scored the highest in infrastructure and healthcare, Hamburg has been ranked the most-liveable cities in Germany. The city also scored well for education, environment, culture, transport and recreation.

Bern and Basel – Peaceful atmosphere, scenic beauty, historical landmarks and the vibrant social life of Bern are not to be overlooked. You will fall in love with this fairytale land and would want to live here forever, away from the chaos of big cities! Basel is another one of Europe’s best-preserved cities. It offers great quality of life, along with a promising nightlife and other recreational activities.

Nuremberg – If you want a high quality of life, low cost of living, urban culture, natural beauty and safety, all in a single package, then Nuremberg is for you. From cultural events and recreational activities, to organically grown foods and excellent educational facilities, this little city doesn’t fail to surprise its people.

Some other European cities like Valencia, Lisbon, Thessaloniki, Wroclaw and Budapest are also good options for you. Whether you’re planning for a holiday in Europe or moving there entirely, it’s going to be an amazing experience especially now that travelling has been made much more convenient via the internet and sites like Groupon or making it easier for you to book your tickets and fly hassle-free to this beautiful land.

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