Contract design: origin and keys to the success of Made in Italy design

By : europeanproperty

Made in Italy design is synonymous with excellent quality, freshness, elegance, versatility and status. For this reason, all those who have chosen to decorate their home with Italian design furniture have been amazed.

Companies such as L2G Luxury Living bring Italian design to the world of contract. In fact, the L2G Interior Design Contract Division is a leader in offering the best Italian furniture for your home design.

Today, we are going to discuss about the roots of Italian furniture and 4 of the keys that make the contract design made in Italy stand out as the most popular in the world of luxury furniture.

What is the origin of Italian furniture?

Experts says that the design of Italian furniture has its roots in the Renaissance, a very important time for the world of Western art and design.

At this time, it occurred the most revolutionary changes in architecture, interior design and decoration. This was due to the wealth and sophistication of what were the most important commercial centres at that time, such as Florence or Venice, which were exposed to many foreign cultures, exotic merchandise and influential thinkers.

But the evolution of Italian design did not end in the Renaissance, it continued until it reached another important peak in the early 20th century: the Art Nouveau movement. This movement gave way to the production of goods with high-quality materials. It was then that the work for furniture designers was increasingly growing and appears the contract design.

The 4 keys that make Italian furniture succeed

The design of Italian furniture can be defined in three words: modernity, quality and elegance. The company L2G Luxury Living has a contract design line that is positioned as the most luxurious and elegant of Italian furniture.

Its success is due to 4 aspects that all those consumers who choose this luxury furniture fall in love with.

1. Its harmonious materials

Italian furniture is aesthetically attractive and beautiful to look at because it combines various materials harmoniously for decorative purposes, as well as, of course, qualitative.

Italian designers prefer wood, leather, fiberglass, stainless steel, and other materials when creating their new products. As a result, its furniture is not only durable and easy to maintain, but also very attractive and versatile for any style of home and type of space within it.

2. Its unique design

Another great advantage of Italian furniture is the simple fact that it cannot be seen in many places. The design is unique in each of its elements and that makes it possible to completely transform the decoration of a home and make it stand out from the crowd.

If we compare a catalogue of Italian furniture with other products available on the national and international market, we will immediately notice the difference.

3. Its wide variety

Most people have the misconception that furniture as unique and beautiful as Italian is available only in certain parts of the world and that the number of its pieces is limited and accessible to the privileged few. This is not correct at all.

A customer can have for his home any type of Italian furniture he wants: an armchair, a sofa, a tea table, a dining table, a desk, a bed, a bookcase and even various decorative accessories such as mirrors, lighting items and coloured cushions. The range of products is very wide and the decoration possibilities are endless.

4. Its quality-price

Although their products might be a bit more expensive than others, the value for money is unbeatable. In fact, another of the advantages to highlight of Italian furniture is that they are made with very durable materials, and that is something that the experience of many customers who have tried them can confirm without any doubt.

For example, an Italian leather sofa does not wear out after only 3 weeks of use. In most cases, this wonderful piece of furniture can even last a lifetime, especially if it is properly maintained. Therefore, those who do not want to spend money every year on new furniture for their home, should choose to try the Made in Italy.

It is that when a client chooses Italian furniture, he is paying for something that is not only very aesthetically beautiful, but also provides security and a lot of quality.