Do your Part for the Planet! Save Water!

By : Nick Marr

Water is something no living thing can do without, and in today’s eco-friendly world, waste is not an option. While we always strive to use less energy, water is also in short supply and should be used responsibly, which is why we should take a moment and consider our own water usage, as there will be ways to cut down on the amount of water we use at home. If you think you are a candidate for water saving, here are a few basic things you can do to reduce the amount of water you use.

Showers not Baths

Taking a nice hot bath after a long day at the office might be a soothing end to the day, but in the water saving stakes, baths are out. The amount of water used when compared to a shower is so high that installing a shower is a must, if you care for the planet, that is. For those in the Perth area, PlumbDog are the ideal people to talk to if a new shower is called for, and with affordable prices, it won’t break the bank.

Check for Leaks

This is a major reason for wasted water, and sometimes a seepage is not evident, and in the event you suspect a water leak, there is a simple test you can perform. Turn off all the faucets in the house, so that no water is being used, and that would include powering down dishwashers and washing machines. Once this has been done, go and take a meter reading, then about 30minutes later (without turning on any taps) take another reading, and if the second reading is higher, then you are losing water somewhere along the line. If this is the case, and a quick inspection doesn’t reveal the origin of the seepage, the best bet is to call in the professionals, and there are plumbers in Perth who use the latest technology in leak detection, and will source any leak promptly and repair the damage.

Recycle Water

This will involve a little effort on your part, with things like watering the garden with the washing up water, but if you get the whole family involved, you will be inspiring younger generations to be ecologically responsible. Other ideas include water butts that are positioned under the roof guttering to catch the rainwater, and if you have enough of them, it can provide all the water the garden needs, plus you can wash your cars with it too. Rain water harvesting is popular because it is relatively easy to set up and can save you a significant amount of water over one year.

Chart your Progress

Compile a bar chart that records the monthly water usage, and chart your progress to encourage the whole family to help reduce that figure. If everyone is careful with how much water they use, all the little things soon add up, and before long, you will see a noticeable difference in your water bill. Another idea is to pool all the savings until you reach a certain figure, then the whole family can enjoy an outing or dinner somewhere nice on the proceeds of the water saving campaign.

Saving water is something we all need to consider, and it is easy to change daily habits that will result in using less of that precious liquid we all need.