Here’s Why It Is Important to Realize Your Property’s True Value

By : Nick Marr

Knowing your home’s true value and how to upgrade it is very important when it comes to selling your property. You should keep your home in good condition and make changes to improve its value while increasing your comfort level whenever possible.

Improvements include:

  • Room additions
  • Interior remodel
  • Repairing or replacing a roof
  • Repainting exteriors
  • Maintaining grass, trees, shrubs and garden


You can inspect your home and find areas that need repairing or replacement. This can include your heating and air conditioning system, attic insulation and even pest control. The roof should be inspected periodically for loose shingles and cracks.

Take a close look at your electrical and plumbing systems if you are in an older home. These may need to upgrade to save energy when using modern appliances. You may also need to replace floor coverings.


Image result for artificial grass

Take a close look at the lawn and garden area. Your home should have curb appeal even if it is not for sale. If you don’t enjoy trimming lawns, try artificial grass. You can buy artificial grass direct from manufacturers to make your lawn area look attractive. This synthetic turf comes in different sizes and colours.

You can build your own putting green or mini-golf course in your yard. The turf is pet safe and easy to clean. This is low-maintenance landscaping that works well in more arid regions.

Walkways, paths and steps should always be free of debris, moss and algae if you are in a wet climate.

Changing your yard may involve installing a swimming pool, spa tub, barbecue and new decking. This will include new lighting and even seating areas. A swimming pool is another major upgrade to your property. Newer pools often include a spa tub. Keep your swimming pool and spa tub blue and clean. Pool and spa covers are very helpful.

Peeling paint and cracked wood window frames decrease your property’s value. If you live in a community with a homeowners association, you are required to “keep up appearances” with your exterior yard, paint and trims.

Remodels and updates

An interior remodel may involve changing the purpose of a room. A closet can be expanded into sewing room or computer room. An attic space can become a dormer room.

Many changes can be made without changing the home’s exterior. Taking out interior walls between the kitchen and dining area to create a great room is a modern concept that is very popular. This may provide room to install a kitchen island, an accessory that is included in newer homes.

Image result for Taking out interior walls between the kitchen and dining area

Enclosing a patio or porch area is another upgrade that offers more year-round living space. A garage may be changed into an extra room. Taking an unused area or storage space and turning it into a living space increases the size of the living area and the home’s value. Adding a room increases square meters.

Additional rooms can include an extra bathroom with an expanded master bedroom. This is another feature of newer homes. An expanded family room can become a media room with a large flat screen television and sound system.

You can add an extra floor to a one-level home. This is a major addition that requires new wiring and plumbing along with a staircase.

Most real estate professionals and building contractors will tell you how major and/or minor changes to your property will affect its price if you decide to sell. This valuation will also depend on similar homes in your area. You will be able to realise the value of improving your property and your comfort level.