How Security Conscious Home Alterations can boost the Value of your Property

By : Nick Marr

While housing market growth may have cooled during the second financial quarter, this has done little to diminish sentiment in the UK. The average value of property has risen by £23,000 nationwide in the past year alone, and this is enough to encourage potential vendors who have a long-term desire to sell their home. Even with prices set to stagnate during the third financial quarter, there is enough profit for the majority of home-owners to market their property and secure a solid financial return.

This cannot disguise the fact that the month of July may have represented a peak for the British housing market, with the rate of growth now becoming relatively pedestrian and likely to subside further for the remainder of the year. If this is the case, then home-owners have clearly missed a window of opportunity to maximise the value in their property, which may in turn force them to reconsider their pricing and the way in which they choose to list their house on the market.

How Security Conscious Home Alterations can Add Genuine Value

With this in mind, home-owners may look to add value to their property as a way of offsetting any potential loss. One of the best ways to do this is by making security-orientated alteration to the property, so consider the following points before attempting this: –


  1. 1.     Review Crime Statistics from your Local Area


Today’s generation of home buyers are extremely savvy and insightful, as they have been toughened by the harsh realities of the Great Recession. They will therefore review every conceivable aspect of a property before making an offer, as their ability to identify flaws will enable them to pay a reduced fee. You need to be prepared for this, by being just as prepared and paying meticulous attention to detail. So in order to prevent a potential buyer from citing regional crime statistics as a reason for lowering the price point, for example, you will need to have reviewed these extensively and understood the most prominent threats within the neighbourhood. You can then take practical towards protecting your home, and use these as a response to counter any concerns.


  1. 2.     Install UPVC Doors


There are some design features that are universally renowned as being security-conscious, with UPVC doors providing a prominent example. These fittings, which are available in a wide range of styles and colours, enable you to install secure exterior doors that provide a robust barrier between your home and the outside world. Not only are they extremely difficult to breach without a key, but they are also extremely energy efficient and renowned for their ability to retain heat during the winter. This is another major bonus for buyers; you can save money without compromising on their security.


  1. 3.     Fit a Reliable and Fully Functional Alarm


To some thieves, burglary is more than just a quick and simple way of earning money. In fact, it is more of a profession, where experienced individuals use knowledge of technology and their own innate cunning to break into homes. You need to respect this as a home-owner, and take every conceivable step to help safeguard your property. It is therefore crucial that you have a reliable and fully functional alarm active at all times, as this will alert you to any potential danger and deter thieves that are more opportunist in their nature.