How to Add Value to Your Home

By : Nick
February 24, 2017

It may not be something that is in your mind right now but there is always the possibility that one day you will be looking to sell your home and upgrade to something bigger or better. Naturally when the time comes to sell up, you will want to ensure that you can get the maximum for your home and assuming that the market is healthy, you can drive a great price for your home by adding some value to it whilst you are still living there. There are many things that you can do around the home to add to your property’s value and here are some that you could consider if you want to see maximum yield on your house.

Cooking Profits

The kitchen is very much still considered the beating heart of any home and when you start thinking about re-upping your home then you should always start at the kitchen. Not only will this mean that you have a beautiful kitchen to live and cook in, you will also be able to add significant value to your home and a new kitchen should really be considered as an investment rather than a cost.

Go Solar

Having solar panels installed in your home makes sense for so many reasons, firstly they can reduce your energy bills significantly as you will essentially be making your own electricity. Solar panels also pay for themselves by adding great value on to your property, more and more people like the idea of having solar panels in the home and they will make your property far more attractive to prospective buyers. The beauty of solar panels is that the reduction of energy bills will cover the cost of installation and then the added value to your property that they bring can be viewed as pure profit.

Loft and Basement Conversion

If you have a loft or a basement then you can convert these spaces into additional living areas which will not only give you a bigger home without actually extending it, they can also add a great deal of value to your property. Recent figures show that the cost involved with renovating areas like this will be returned in full by way of the added value to your property, more space and more value, a win-win proposition.

Garage Needs to Go

It is estimated that over 70% of garages currently aren’t used to store a car and the space would be far better used as an additional living area. Ask yourself honestly if you use your garage for anything other than storage of the junk which has no home, if the answer is yes then you will be in the same position as many here and it is time to add some value of your property and get rid of the garage. The majority of house buyers prefer extra living space to car space and it won’t be long before someone snaps up your home for a stronger price off the back of your garage conversion.