List of Flipping House Shows You Can Learn From

By : Nick Marr

In the past few years, flipping houses has become a very popular practice within the real estate terrain. This practice involves buying a property with the sole purpose of selling it away for profit after getting renovations done on it. If you like the idea and want to become a house flipper, then you can either join a reputable institution for real estate agents and realtors, or you can watch TV.

Yes, that’s right. You can actually learn quite a bit about flipping houses by watching reality television shows based on this practice. Believe it or not, there are over twenty such shows revolving around the practice. Now, this isn’t the best way to learn about house flipping, but you still get the basic idea of the practice and you may even learn a few valuable industry secrets.

When you are done watching these shows, if you feel you are still not ready for the real thing, you can always join any reputable institution and learn things professionally. For beginners, it is always a good idea to watch a few of these reality television shows to get the basic ideas.

Here are some of the best flipping house shows you can learn from.

Masters of Flip

Love it or List it Vancouver – Flipping Houses and Condos in Vancouver Canada

Our Canadian neighbors do not really have a house-flipping TV show. However, there are a lot of investing and house flipping opportunities up North.

One Canadian TV show focussed on the Vancouver housing market is the famous “Love it or List it.”
In Vancouver, the real estate market is one of the best for flipping. But it comes at a high cost, often in the multi-million dollars, with an equally high payout in the millions at times.

You can also find lower end targets like East Vancouver condos for sale
Luxury Vancouver BC properties are some of the main targets often attracting multiple bids per listed home. However, east Vancouver condos for sale with 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms condos also make up some interesting and worthwhile flips.

This is actually quite an entertaining reality TV show about a couple who join the lucrative world of real estate after they fail to launch their music careers. It stars Kortney and Dave Wilson and the show follows the couple who move to Nashville, Tennessee to initially break into the country music industry but end up flipping houses for a profit.

Masters of Flip is a great show but it isn’t intended to for anyone who wants to learn the technical aspect of real estate. Still, the show does a very good job of showing you how house flipping is done. The best thing about the show is the performances of the main cast who execute their roles with such perfection that you can’t help but get hooked. 

Flip or Flop

The reality TV show follows a pair of real estate agents based in Los Angeles. Tarek and Christina El Moussa, the main cast of the show met at a real estate company and decided to run a house flipping business together in the Southern California real estate industry. 

The challenges the two faces in the show are quite overwhelming and at times it seems as if turning the property into a profit is just impossible. But they always find a way out somehow. 

If you want to watch a show that tells you about flipping houses with a realistic view of what happens behind the scenes, then this is a definite must watch. The main cast also goes through a couple of substantial losses on the show, proving that flipping houses are always not easy. 

Flipping Vegas

Flipping Vegas is perhaps the most popular show about real estate and flipping houses. The show takes place in Las Vegas and stars Scott Yancey and Amie Yancey, a couple that also runs a huge property business known as Goliath Inc.

The show is really good when it comes to technicalities of flipping houses. It presents each episode with a very engaging plot that keeps the viewer interested. But be warned, some of the plots in the show are farfetched and may not seem close to reality. It is easy to see that a lot of drama has been added to the house flipping concept to make the show look and sound more interesting. However, if you love a good plot, and want to learn a few secrets about flipping homes, especially in a popular American city, then this show is for you.

Flip This House

Flip This House is, in my opinion, the best reality television show about house flipping. Each and every episode is presented in an educative manner. This show is actually the closest you can get to a  show that teaches you valuable things about flipping houses.

The show ran for five successful seasons. It follows a team of real estate experts. The teams are changed every season and a new challenge is presented. The sole purpose of this show is to break down the practice of house flipping and show you what it actually means to flip a house rather than focus on the characters and the plot. 

Flip This House may seem a bit boring to people who like a bit of drama such as in the case of Flipping Vegas. But it is best when it comes to learning the most about flipping houses through a show. 

Zombie House Flipping

If you’re thinking the show has anything to do about Zombies, then you may be a bit disappointed. The name can be misleading but it actually is worth looking at when you have nothing else to watch. The show follows a group of real estate agents who go after dilapidated, abandoned, and foreclosed homes. They then try to renovate these homes and sell it for a profit.

For those of you who follow the real estate industry closely, you may be glad to know that it stars Justin Stamper, one of the most renowned house flippers out there. He and his crew touch properties that are basically untouchable and do everything in their power to boost their value. If you like a show that presents impossible challenges to complete, this is the one to go for.

Flipping Out

If you want to watch a show about house flipping with a cast you’ll fall in love with, then Flipping Out may be a show for you. It features Emmy award-winning cast which is enough to get anyone’s attention. The show follows a designer who takes on a project that involves renovating purchased properties and selling them for a profit..sounds familiar? 

These are just some of the shows that you can watch to polish your house flipping knowledge. Once again, I highly recommend getting professional training once you have done with a few of these. You should also try and read a few books while you are watching these shows to further boost your knowledge of house flipping.