Match The Mattress With Different Types Of Pillows

By : Nick Marr

If you want both support and comfort while you sleep, you must match the pillow with the mattress. This will ensure proper spinal and overall health. Ideally, a pillow should be perfectly designed so that its contours fill in the spaces between your head and neck perfectly. This will ensure that you also alleviate and avoid back and neck pain apart getting a good night’s sleep.

Different types of pillow

If you go through the full pillow review carefully you will come to know that apart from the standard pillows, you also get different types of pillows in the market.

Orthopaedic pillows that will offer you neck with that extra support to keep it perfectly aligned with your spine.This is essentially necessary for people suffering from cervical spine issues. Also referred to as cervical pillows, these usually have a deeper depression where you put your head and an additional support under your neck. Though these pillows may be a bit uncomfortable initially but over time and use these will prove to be very helpful for the users.

Body pillows are another type that will fit several of you needs. These pillows are as long as your body. These are exceptionally useful for those people who love to sleep on their sides. There is a top portion that will support your head and neck and there is a bottom portion that will support your knees and legs. It may come in a J shape and style to provide a definite space for your ear. These pillows allow correct spinal alignment, eliminate the use of separate pillows for head and knees and are extremely useful for pregnant women for providing additional support to the abdomen region.

However, when you use a body pillow make sure that your legs remain perfectly aligned with the pillow in between your legs, with the top leg directly over the other. If you throw the top leg too far across while sleeping, it will twist the lower back. Make sure that you avoid it.

A personal preference

Sleeping in comfort is necessary but it is also a personal preference. Therefore, first ensure that the basics features of the pillow are correct to get the desired comfort and then look for the others to add the pleasure factor to it.

When you choose a pillowcase, look at the texture of the surface as this is the primary source of comfort. It must feel cool and smooth. However, you can also choose a warm surface made from flannel if you live in a cold region. The contoured orthopaedic pillows are the coolest, feather pillows of standard shape are the warmest while the contoured memory foam pillows are in the middle.

You must also make the right choice from the different types of pillow materials. Sometimes, it may also come in a combination of two materials such as shredded foam and latex for better filling.

Also consider the different types of fillings that include down, polyester, latex, foam and even water and buckwheat hulls.

Lastly, remember that there are no specific standards set by the government for soft, medium, or firm pillows.