Property Rental in Paris

By : Nick Marr

Property rental in Paris, France can prove affordable, especially if your budget is tight. Living in a part of the city can make you feel like living in a fairyland because of the beautiful buildings and lively atmosphere the city carries. With such an awesome place to live in, even for a period, who can refuse living in Paris.

Why rent property in Paris?

Today, about 36% residents living in France are occupying a rented house. You can raise your kids while living in a city center apartment in Paris because the area is a safe haven. Although the city has over two million persons residing in it, still, you can rent a property there and enjoy the traditional charm and the exquisite food dishes prepared from chefs of various cultural backgrounds.

When you rent a property in Paris, France, you get French law favor above that of the tenant, however, property owners as usual have the upper hand to choose who they want to rent their propertyIn addition, after renting a property in the city, it is a difficult task for the owner of the property to evict you.

Renting a property in Paris

Property rental in Paris can be difficult because of the great demand placed on locating suitable places to live. Students and unemployed persons first are required to have a guarantor stand in for them. Although not legally required, if you are not French but a newcomer wanting to live in Paris, the owner of the property can ask you to place a lease down payment in escrow to ensure that at least the duration of the lease is met. The property owner has the legal right to increase your rent; however, he or she can only get an increase one time for the year.

Like anywhere else in the rest of France, tenants are asked to pay a deposit of two month’s rent when renting a house. If you used the service of a real estate agent to secure the property for you then you are under obligation to pay him or her service fee. You can rent short-term or long-term in Paris or furnished and unfurnished property, the choice is yours.

House or apartment rental

Paris has an array of apartments where most persons live. However, if you prefer a house that is detached and has a garden at the front, then Paris Suburb might just be what you are looking for.

Many apartments are compact and still have the look of ancient buildings made in the 18th and 19th centuries. You can rent a Paris house with a gym or pool as part of the conveniences. Laundry is shared and can be conducted in the basement.

It is always good to have a real estate agent helping you find a suitable place to rent. They charge for their time and services and will find an apartment or detached house that you can call home for a number of years before moving on to another area in France or some other place in the world.

Below is a list of portals where you can search and find the right dwelling place for you and your family to live:

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Shared housing (French) (French) (French) (10 languages)

Property rental in Paris has never been more exciting and while living in the city you can learn so much about the people as well as its history. Finding the right property to rent in the city might be a daunting task at times, yet, with the right determination you will find suitable quarters to settle in.