Reflooring Your Home To Add Value

By : Nick Marr

Selling your home can be a difficult process. With buyers becoming increasingly savvy each year, making sure that your house is as valuable as possible before you begin to let prospective buyers past the front door is more important than ever. When you come to sell your home, buyers will look for expenditures on their part that they may have to make once they have purchased the house.

These predicted expenses will be taken into consideration as they decide whether to make an offer or not, and changing the flooring throughout the house can be one such expense that they’re simply not willing to make, or that they may cite as a reason for putting in a lower offer.

To ensure you’re getting a good offer on your property, investing in new flooring throughout can be a good way to ensure that buyers will not turn their nose up at the prospect of having to take on this cost themselves. So which flooring is best to increase the value of your home?

If you have the budget, wooden floors add the most value to your home. Often considered to be better than carpeted floors, wood flooring is known to provide additional equity to your home.

High quality and long lasting, wooden floors can be installed many years ahead of selling your home without the value depreciating in the meantime. It has what is known as lifetime value, and is therefore the most attractive to prospective buyers.

However, we know that wood flooring isn’t always a practical financial choice for those looking to sell their home. High quality laminate flooring can be just as visually effective, and therefore just as appealing to buyers, looking for a property with minimal redecoration involved. In fact, spending as much as £400-£600 on new laminate flooring for your home has the potential to increase the value of your home by double the amount you spent.

Laminate flooring can be just as authentic looking as its engineered wood flooring or real wood flooring counterparts. Wood effect laminate is an extremely popular choice for reflooring hallways and living rooms due to its authentic appearance and the wide selection of wood effects and finishes available.

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Many expect that for rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen, laminate or wood flooring won’t be suitable. However, there are laminate flooring ranges that have been developed to be 100% waterproof, such as the Quickstep Impressive range, making them perfect for achieving a contemporary wood effect in rooms that require humidity and water resistant flooring.

Spending money on laying laminate flooring to the key rooms of your home can pay off when you’re looking to increase the value of, and sell, your house. Pay close attention to the hallway as this will be the first space potential buyers see, then concentrate on the living room, kitchen and bathroom as priority rooms potential buyers expect to be of a high standard.