The Benefits Of Automation And Making Your Home Smart

By : europeanproperty

Having a smart home is not such a wild idea. It may seem like something out of the future, but the reality is that High Performance Homes that are automated is a great idea on a lot of levels. And the best part is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to set up.


The Internet of Things (IoT) has developed so quickly that it is only a matter of time before just about everybody has a smart home. The IoT is basically how devices can use the cloud to communicate with each other so we don’t have to do it ourselves. This is how your smartphone can sync up with your computer so work you are doing on either one can be finished on another without missing a beat.


The cloud uses an awesome amount of computing power so multiple devices can send data there to be processed and then used across a variety of platforms. In other words, your home devices like a thermostat, your HVAC system and so much more.


In this article, I will go over several of the benefits you will get from setting up a smart home and letting the system handle all of the dirty work so you can enjoy your free time!


1 – More energy efficiency


There is a lot of money to be saved by having a smart home. And it usually starts with having everything tied together to make sure you are getting the most efficiency possible.


Imagine a system in which your blinds close automatically when the sun is strong on that side of the house so your air conditioner doesn’t need to run as often. Shady rooms stay cool after all, so your house doesn’t need to cool down quite as much.


Then, you have a system in which the weather forecast is sent directly to your smart thermostat so it can turn the heat on automatically when it looks like a cold front is coming in. Or, it can turn off the air conditioner if it shows that the outside temperature is about to cool down so it isn’t running for no reason when it cools down outside.


Your smart thermostat can also understand your habits and start heating or cooling based on your past usage. If you usually turn down the heat at night just before bed, you don’t even need to program it as they will do it automatically. Not only that, but if you have zoned heating, then it can turn on the heat in the rooms where you need it most and leave the rooms where nobody goes at a lower temperature.


Even lights can go on and off as you enter and leave the room so you aren’t using electricity when you don’t need it.


2 – Remote access


You are never far from your home when you have remote access. You can turn on the heat or A/C when you leave work so your house is nice and warm or cool when you get home. This is great when you are out and about and coming home at a time when your smart system is not ready for it otherwise it would have programmed itself to do it for you.


Not only that, but with smart locks, you can lock and unlock your home from an app on your smartphone or from your computer. If you need to let the dog walker in to get your dog, you don’t have to risk giving them the key. They’ll let you know when they arrive and you open the door.


And, you can even see when they get there when you use a camera so you know that it is actually who they say they are and are alone. Then when you see them leave you lock the door behind them. This is also handy for when you receive packages so you don’t risk having them stolen off of your porch.


3 – Increased security


Speaking of porch pirates, you have far greater control over your home security when you have a smart system. Your doorbell camera can engage automatically when it senses movement and sends you an alert. Then you are able to login and see who it is remotely.


If you left your door unlocked by accident, you will be alerted and then activate the lock while you are out.


If you have children that come home before you do, then you can see when they get home and give you peace of mind that they arrived safely. Motion sensors can even work inside the home. Suppose your toddler gets out of bed and attempts to go down the stairs. You will be alerted by the motion sensor and whisk him away from the danger.


4 – Get more out of your appliances


Data is king when it comes to understanding how you use your appliances. When you have a smart system, you can get a report on your phone at the end of the month that explains how your appliances were used, when they were used most and how much energy they used.


You can then program them to get more out of them in terms of lower energy use and to automate as much of the process as possible.


Even your entertainment can be made more exciting by installing a system that plays music in the rooms where you enter. Imagine being able to listen to music while you clean the house and go from room to room as the music follows you!




Since technology has caught up with the promise of automation, it costs far less than you think to have all of the systems described in this article. You can easily set up one or more for just a few hundred dollars.


And the savings will help them pay for themselves so it costs even less to run these systems. If you only install one system, at least go for the smart thermostats so you can save a lot of money by having a more efficient house.