The Best Places to Buy in Portugal

By : Nick Marr

There are many reasons why people fall in love with Portugal. The captivating sunshine, mild climate, the laid-back lifestyle, delicious cuisine, friendly atmosphere are just a handful of things which make it a sought-after destination for tourist and investors alike.

The Algarve

It usually takes one visit here, before investors and buyers look for their perfect Algarve villa for sale, and it is easy to see why.

The Algarve has always been known of Portugal’s golfing mecca, but it is, in fact, less-developed than Spain’s Costa del Sol, but this doesn’t stop millions flocking here to enjoy the sunshine, relaxed lifestyle and, of course, golf. Thanks to the tight controls on property development, the Portuguese have protected their coastlines, giving its visitors and residences the chance to enjoy the beautiful, unspoilt countryside, beaches and villages.

The “Golden Triangle” is the main focus of The Algarve, as it focuses on the five-star resorts of Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and the town of Almancil, drawing in an abundance of buyers.

In Algarve, a 120 sqm apartment costs on average EUR 1,800 per sqm or EUR 215,000. Algarve apartments return rental yields which range from 3.5% to 3.8%.


Lisbon has a lot to offer its visitors but hasn’t always been seen as a tourist or investor hotspot. Compared to other West European capitals, including Paris, London and Rome, Lisbon offers great weather, better property prices, and a lower cost of living. The opportunities for investment in Lisbon are endless, and because this area is made of many distinct neighbourhoods with their own assets, characteristics and look, making it an interesting location for short-term holiday rental or long-term rental for the local market. Per-square-meter, prices in Lisbon range from as low as 1,500 euros to 7,000 euros.

If you do choose to buy here, you will have the chance to experience the historic streets of Lisbon. With its trendy bars as well as excellent golf facilities and being situated just 30 minutes from Lisbon Airport, it is the perfect location for an investment opportunity.

South of Lisbon stretches through the charming rural region of Alentejo, which attracts fewer holiday homebuyers than the Silver Coast, north of Lisbon. Here you will find rolling hills and vineyards which meet the Atlantic and set in miles of pristine, sandy beaches.


Porto serves as a working port and is located on the banks of the Douro River. Not known for exactly being a tourist hotspot, but it is beautiful still the same. It is a fascinating and vibrant city that boasts extensive history and a bustling nightlife, so it easy to see why Porto is so appealing.

Porto is a historic and varied city, from its narrow streets that make up the ancient Ribera district, through to the grand plazas of Avenida dos Aliados. This region is famous for its production of port, which is stored in the cellars that stretch along the banks of the River Douro.

When purchasing a property in Portugal, there are some things which should be taken into consideration. Aside from the money spent on the property purchase, there are also some extra costs which you will need to consider. You should allow 3.1-% on top of the purchase price to cover things like purchase tax, notary charges, stamp duty and legal charges.