By : Nick Marr

We all are certainly aware of the fact that there are few additions which can drastically increase the value of our homes but before you take the plunge into investing your dollars on such home improvements, you should know what kind of return you’re likely to get. As per what the Office of National Statistics found out, people spend around £30 billion in a year for spending on home improvements which makes it around £44 million in a week.

How are you supposed to know that you’re spending all your cash on the right projects? Do you know which are the kinds of best modifications that you can make on your home in order to appreciate the value of your home? Read on to get a list of them.

1.     A normal extension

How about adding another square footage which can guarantee you a boost in the home’s value? The addition may be in the form of a dining space or a kitchen or even a single-storied extension. You don’t need any kind of planning permission for extra bedrooms. You can anticipate paying more than £20,000 and the predicted value of 12% on an average UK home.

2.     Adding a home office

Once you build a home office from which you can start working from home, you not only have to spend money for driving to work every day but you can also boost the value of your home. As per the National Association of Realtors, there are many homebuyers who agree to pay extra value when they buy homes along with offices. They love the idea of getting a ready office once they start living in that house. You can decorate your home office windows and properly insulate them in order to provide a comfortable working environment.

3.     Adding roof windows

With time, you should get your windows replaced just as the roof shingles. If you think your home’s windows are more than 20 years old, it is perhaps the best time to ensure they’re operating in the right manner. You can install Fakro roof windows as they can add to the curb appeal of your home. Since your home is the biggest investment and the most vital part of your life, you should replace the old windows to enhance the appeal of your home and will also add to the value of the investment.

4.     Another new bathroom

Will you be able to squeeze in a new bathroom which can increase the value of your home by a typical 5%? As per the demand of home buyers, en suites are at the top of the bucket as more and more people are looking for simplicity and comfort. The price range of such bathroom extensions can vary from £2500 and £6000. Hence, make sure you don’t splurge with taps and tiles as this can bust your budget.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is looking forward to make home improvements which can add to the value of your home, you can take into account the above-mentioned options for getting the maximum return on investment.