Want to Add Value to Your Home? Why You Should Include a Balcony

By : Nick Marr

When you last holidayed abroad, did you enjoy sliding open a set of glass doors to a step out (barefoot in a bathrobe, coffee in hand) on to a balcony? We bet you did! So why not recreate it at home? Whether you’re considering building a little Juliet balcony to add to your home’s curb appeal, or want something bigger for your family to sit upon on a balmy summer’s evening, there are lots of great reasons for adding one to your property…

They add value to your home

A beautiful balcony or spacious terrace gives your home an injection of ‘wow’ factor. Complimenting your existing architecture and jazzing up your neighbourhood, a well designed and solidly constructed balcony can add value to your home by improving its outward appearance. And, they give homeowners additional space without using the land beneath, meaning you can leave every blade of grass untouched and score yourself extra living quarters!

They make up for a small garden

Don’t have much of a garden to speak of? Don’t worry! Balconies can make excellent entertainment areas, designed to make the most of the sunlight your property receives without requiring acres of land. Prospective buyers will be able to imagine sizzling sausages on a barbeque positioned atop a balcony, so there’s no need to apologise for the fact you haven’t a scrap of lawn or a patch of patio on your property.

They’re great for green fingered homeowners 
Balconies also add value to your home by virtue of the fact that you can use them as miniature garden spaces. Buyers will be glad to have the opportunity to put their growing skills to good use by tending to the flower baskets, plant pots and herb trays placed on a balcony, however big or small. If you’re going to construct one for this reason, be sure to give some thought to the direction your home is facing: garden balconies should get plenty of sunshine!

They give you a space to enjoy the outdoors
Balconies are also great for busy families who would love to get more sunshine and fresh air than they currently do. If you don’t have the budget to build a full-scale balcony, a Velux cabrio balcony could be a perfect solution, giving you and your family an instant balcony for extra sunlight and ventilation in your home. This solution adds instant value too; Velux is a highly regarded brand, and this form of balcony cleverly disguises itself by sitting snugly against the roof when it’s not in use… a trick that’s guaranteed to increase the value of your property!

As well as all this, a balcony will present you with excellent views of your surroundings: perfect if you’re lucky enough to live beside the sea, in the mountains or nestled in patchwork fields! So, consider installing a balcony to increase your home’s value and to give you and your family the extra space and light you need.