What Can Go Wrong with a Home Improvement Contractor and How to Avoid It

By : Nick Marr

There are plenty of contractor disaster stories to go around. Friends in the same neighborhood go through waves of home improvement and makeover projects. It almost becomes an informal competition about which project will turn out the best. Along with showing off the final results, homeowners often aren’t shy about confirming where their contractors went wrong and how they would hire differently next time.

Here are a few areas where problems have cropped up when using contractors to complete home projects.

Immaculate Wooden Flooring Irreparably Damaged

Have you ever had a divine wooden flooring in the family room that had a delicious wood grain? It shines and accentuates the rest of the space because it has a protective coating. Or, so you thought.

One sad experience for several homeowners was discovering that workmen didn’t use a quality floor covering to protect their floor. Either it wasn’t non-slip, so it kept moving out of position and eventually boots on wooden flooring scuffed it beyond recognition, or it was insufficient in other ways. When moving heavy tool bags, ladders and other gear, it was too easy to drag it on the floor and without a padded protective covering, the wooden floor took the brunt of the damage.

Not every contactor is going to be completely honest about a situation like this. Without photographic proof that the floor was undamaged before they arrived, it’s a tough case to prove to get compensation.

Kitchen Cabinets Covered in Paint Splashes

When contractors were working in the kitchen to paint the walls, they hoped that using paint rollers would mean that the paint wouldn’t fall on the countertops below. Alas, wishing didn’t make it so.

Have you ever tried to remove dried paint from a countertop without damaging the protective coating? Let us tell you, it’s no fun at all!

It’ll take an expert in paint removal to get it off the counter without damaging the surface below, and they don’t come cheap.

Paw Prints Throughout the Home

When you have a cat or a dog in the home – perhaps more than one – any kind of paintwork being carried out has the potential to get messy. Unless you’re fond of the paw print motif, it’s necessary for painter contractors to block off the area to keep the pets away. If they’re using paint rollers and leave a flat paint container open, it’s all too easy for a four-legged friend to walk through it and start spreading their paw prints everywhere they go. Try cleaning that up! Several pet owners have suffered this fate too.

When dealing with contractors, you shouldn’t always expect the best workmanship. Not only do you need to inspect what they’re doing and how they’re completing the job, but you expect the area to be cleaned up sufficiently afterwards. Contractors are notorious for leaving nails and screws lying on the carpet and failing to make the place look like it did before they arrived. Anticipate this and take steps to ensure everything is immaculate before they leave with their payment.