Why Above Ground Pools Are Enough for Your Summer Needs

By : europeanproperty

Let’s be honest, whenever we think about summer, we think about two things: the pool and the beach. The reason is very simple… Summer is very hot, and we just want a place where we can just refresh a little and enjoy a good time with our friends our family.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to go to the beach, and with COVID-19 going around, it might not be as safe as before. The same can be said from pools, and although it has been proven that pools can’t actually contain the virus, it is still unsafe, so it is not as recommended.

So what options do we have? Building an in-ground pool from scratch is not a viable option for a lot of people considering how expensive it can be and how long it takes to have one built, usually costing around $25,000 USD and taking from 10 to 12 weeks to be finished.

That is where above-ground pools enter the play as the most viable option right now for anyone who wants to enjoy a great pool day, with one, just following this guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Plan-a-Pool-Party will be just what you need to come up with a great pool day.

But how do above-ground pools work, and, are they actually an overall good choice?

Understanding the Basics of an Above-Ground Pool

There’s not much to understand, really. First of all, they are pools that are above the ground, as its name showcases, so there’s no digging required, making them much simpler to complete. They are also much more affordable than their counterpart, and some of them can be built within a day, while more complex designs might take up to a week or two.

For a family that only wants to have a pool to fulfill their summer needs, they are just the perfect option overall, and for families with kids that need to be taught how to swim, they are very safe alternatives overall.

Of course, knowing how to teach is necessary as well, so you might do some research… We recommend this one article in case you are adventuring in these deeps.

They do have some flaws, however. Well, not really flaws, but disadvantages, I would say. The ones that stand the most are:

  • Not being too fancy or too aesthetical
  • Because they usually require more space, having a deeper pool is not as viable
  • Getting a more complex design can take much more space, but more complex pools are easier to achieve
  • Might not be as durable, but the materials used for their construction play a huge role in this aspect

With all that said, the benefits, as well as the cost, tend to outshine these disadvantages, even more considering that building a pool is usually half the cost of a normal pool, and we are talking about a complex one!

Maintaining an above-ground pool is also easier and more comfortable to do because you can have access to various areas of it without needing special tools. If you are not thinking about building one, you can always buy an already made one yourself! These are also very reliable and can be easily cleaned because they can be emptied very fast.

Assembling an Above-Ground Pool

The option of getting a pool that can be assembled is usually the standard choice when it comes to these pools. They are much cheaper, going from $2,500 to $5,000. They also tend to be very spacious as well, and assembling them is a rather simple DIY challenge that anyone can take with enough time and patience.

An above-ground pool of this type tends to be less deep and spacious but is just enough for a lot of families out there. If you are having struggles with getting one (considering how they have been scarce because of Covid) you should definitely check Watson’s best above ground swimming pool for more details!

If you are having problems, you can always look for a guide online on the tools and equipment you might need to assemble it, and how to actually engage the process.

Normally, they come with instructions so you don’t have to worry as much, but research is always a good choice if the process intimidates you a little, which is very normal considering the number of parts and work required to handle their installation.

These pools can also be relocated, so if you ever need to move your pool to a new location because of whatever reason, you know for sure that you won’t lose your investment. Because they last for quite long (based on how much you take care of them) they will probably remain with you and your family for a very long time, so this advantage will probably make presence more sooner than later.