Why is Investing in European Property a Good Idea?

By : Nick Marr

Why is Investing in European Property a Good Idea?

It’s a well-known fact, that Europe is popular amongst jetsetters and relocators alike. Some of the most beautiful countries in the world are located in Europe, and there’s something in the continent for absolutely everybody out there. Whether it’s a week relaxing on the beach in Spain or a long weekend in Rome looking and the famous landmarks, Europe has it all, but what does it have to offer to investors? With all of these amazing experiences available on one continent alone, it’s easy to see what investors might see in European property, but why is it such a good idea? If you’re looking to invest in European properties but aren’t sure what the positives are, then here are some pointers for you provided by UK property company Ready Steady Sell who buy houses in the UK for cash and investment purposes.

Now a lot of people are reluctant to invest in property either in the UK or Europe because of the uncertainty leading up to Britain’s exit from the EU – particularly in the housing market. However, did you know that because of Brexit, there are a lot of people who are actually looking to relocate before the UK leaves the European Union in its entirety? This goes for both individuals and businesses alike, and this therefore equates to a larger influx of professionals moving to Europe. The consequence of young professionals relocating in Europe is not only a booming economy in the future, but a higher demand for housing in general. If you invest in a buy-to-let property in Europe in the near future, chances are you’ll not struggle to find a market.

However, what about after the dust settles from the fallout of Brexit? A lot of people find themselves reluctant to invest, not just in Europe, but in general, because of the question: “what if it doesn’t work out?”. Little do they realise that even if the worst-case scenario happens, and their investment doesn’t make the money they wanted, or the market isn’t great just as they’re wanting to sell, that they do have options! Companies such as Ready Steady Sell claim to value any property for free, then buy it for cash. If people would simply do their research, they’d realise that there are so many options out there for them.

The tourism aspect of things is rife in Europe – so why wouldn’t investors use this to their advantage? We live in an age where the traditional institution of the hotel isn’t the only option anymore, and many travellers, both solo and groups, look to rent apartments or simply check into an Airbnb. Some travellers may even look for long term accommodation for as much as up to six months at a time. If you invest in a good quality property in a fairly central location, chances are you’ll make an extremely healthy profit on it, regardless of whether you choose long-term or short-term rentals. A lot of tourists actually travel through Europe backpacking and interrailing, so these people could be the ideal target audience for someone investing in a buy-to-let European property.

The Interest Rates
Generally speaking, the interest rates are incredibly low if you’re looking to invest in a property in Europe. Overall, when looked at statistically, Europe’s interest rates are a lot lower than everywhere else and are often extremely stable – so you shouldn’t be in for any nasty future surprises! You therefore benefit from the low interest rates in the first place, and ultimately don’t end up suffering in the future. It’s quite well known that Europe is a pretty safe bet when it comes to investing in property in comparison to the rest of the world, and its real estate is known as some of the most secure on the market.

The Returns on Property are Consistent
Despite not being the best that are available on the market, the returns available on European properties are some of the most consistent you’re likely to find. Because of this, there is such little risk involved in investing in Europe, that it seems like a no-brainer to do it.

Why Not Use it as a Holiday Home?
A lot of people presume that investors only purchase properties in order to let them out and make a profit. Although this is more often than not the case, there are other added bonuses to owning a property abroad. One of the most advantageous of these is the fact that if you’re not permanently renting it out, you have yourself a ready-made holiday home in one of the most beautiful European cities in the world. What’s not to love?